One of the Hugest enablers of Chi Rescue

I have followed the Chihuahua Rescue story from the start. I volunteered there and I know that this place needed lots of work. Dogs in cages. Dirty cages. So why do some people defend her? Why did one of her hugest enablers "Megan" start a website attacking people for telling the truth? Some of the people we are told not to trust are simply listed as adopters. WOW what a crime. I find it unimaginable that Megan does not take a long hard look in the mirror and remember how she came to CR and sat around doing nothing. I also find it hysterical that she attacks and criticizes people and how unsavory they are, yet a simple search of the internet shows how pure and untainted Megan is. Step back. Way back and look at yourself. Don’t criticize people whose character far exceeds what little you have. Nevermind that picture, your most disgusting trait is you lie through your teeth to defend crappy living conditions for hundreds of little dogs.

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