First Hand Accounts Regarding KIMI PECK’S ILLEGAL ‘Sanctuary’…Why do they allow this Elderly Woman to keep animals in INHUMANE

E-mail this site received: i went there about maybe 6 months ago or so and it was ridiculous. i would say she had more than 250 dogs both inside and outside her house, some chickens mixed in with the dogs, 5 or 6 billy goats confined in a barn, and at least 10 cats confined to a basement room, and i remember a litter of kittens out on a balcony… yeah.. a balcony. upon walking up to her house not only was the stench of feces and dirty conditions unbearable, but the noise as well. the dogs outside were large breeds, like pyraneses and pitbulls, and they were all in kennels a lot of the time maybe 5 dogs in one about 6 x 10 ft in size. that’s an alright size, but not for living in! there were a couple bigger ones, but mostly that size. some large dog breeds i saw confined repeatedly in crates not big enough to turn around in. one visit i saw a pyranese, full grown, stuck in the crate. he couldnt stand up all the way and had a raw spot on his back where the crate was rubbing him. some of the bigger dogs were sweet, but most were very skittish and fearful. i was even bitten by a few but nothing more than fearful nips. the "workers" there would powerwash the cement but the drainage system wasnt particularily good so the dirty water didn’t drain well. there were simply too many dogs that they couldn’t be kept cleaned up after so many were left standing in their own feces. they had dirty water if any and kibble was left out in the weather to be rained on and then fed to the dogs. all of the dogs, and i mean all, were dirty and some had very apparant medical problems ranging from skin issues to ear problems to eye problems. and then comes the inside. that was a terrible mess. i was speechless when i went inside. you open the door and immediately you are inundated with dogs biting at your feet and legs. these are small ones, mostly chihuahuas. they are in terrible condition, much worse than the outside dogs. you walk inside and they come out from everywhere, i was bitten in the back when i backed up against a bookshelf. all of them are terribly fearful and they surround you like pirannas. the smell is indescribable. there is no way that she can adequately feed and water those dogs, let alone clean up after them every day, or even every other day. your eyes burn with the acidity of urine. baby gates have been put up but fall out of the walls from what i believe to be urine soaked. she has spider webs all over the house. most of the dogs inside are running free but she does have crates with dogs on tables. unfortuatly i found two dogs mating in one crate together one time. on one of her balconies there are some chickens randomly mixed in. most of the dogs are missing hair and some missing eyes. they are malnourished to the extreme. she claims she gets all the misfits and they have a great life now. the woman doesn’t have any furniture for her in the house and there is no more carpet, which no doubt has been torn up by the dogs. further down, all the while trying to get through a bunch of dogs, the basement holds a few, maybe 10, cats, most hissing and hididng when your too close. they have one small window in the basement for the cats. I cannot tell you how devasted i was when i first went into this house. i cried and cried but now i am angry. this is animal cruelty to the extreme,

This was on the Tehachapi news website blog: "My daughter worked for peck for two weeks and she will tell you just how bad the conditions inside that house is………..She would have to wear knee hi rubber boots and she would still come home covered in dog shit because all the dogs would have to walk through all the shit and piss until some got around to clean it up………….With that many dogs in the house there was a lot of dog crap and dog pee that was trampled all over the place for hours and according to my kid sometimes for days………Some dogs lived in kennels and were so mean that they NEVER had their cage cleaned out for the entire two weeks that my kid worked there. Upstairs is a room full of cats and my kid said that no one but here ever changed the water dish or cleaned out the litter box that was always nasty and over flowing …………The first day my kid opened up the door to the cats she couldn’t believe how bad the conditions were in that room.It had been many days since some one had cared for these cats………..In the Garage she kept some pit bulls that never got any attention……………….My kid was never allowed down stars because she was told that the dogs down stairs were to vicious and dangerous…….My daughter was told that down stairs was nothing more then cages upon cages stacked upon each other……..each cage contained a dog ………….Nome of these dogs ever saw day light and all were confined like criminals…………It’s important to note that at the time my kid worked there kimi was notified that an expection from the county was coming and that was why kimi hired EXTRA workers to clean up the place of all the neglected dog poop and piss that usually sits for days before some one picks it up………My kid is working now at a new job but if you would like ill ask her to blog a little about the horrid conditions inside that dogie hell hole………….kimi Peck is a crazy old nut job that is not only harming the aminals that the county doesn’t have room for or care about but is also infringing on here neighbors fights………crazy kimi most go.

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