Hoardingchihuahuas HAS Contacted MANY MANY Animal Rights Groups About Kimi Peck

First, thank you all for visiting our site. In response to many e-mails, please understand that we, former volunteers and others of Kimi Peck, HAVE contacted many animal rights groups including, ASPCA, HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and PETA. Neither has stepped up to the plate to help as a matter of fact, HSUS and ASPCA have continually IGNORED our pleas for their help and others pleas for help since 2005. We have spent much of our time and money exposing Kimi Peck for one reason only, TO HELP THE ANIMALS IN HER CARE and to expose a possible animal hoarder. In addition, Kern County officials have also ignored MANY MANY complaints from Kimi Peck’s former concerned Tehachapi neighbors and people who have worked for Kimi in Tehachapi for five (5) years. With that said, we appreciate your positive feedback and for your concern about her animals. We encourage all to write letters to Kern County Animal Control, too, in addition to the other animal rights organizations. Do expect, however, that Kern County officials will continue to ignore your complaints because the few times they do inspections, they give her notice and the inspections are conducted under Kimi Peck’s terms. Kern County animal control, as we mentioned, claim that Ms. Peck’s hundreds of animals are ‘well cared for’ (even though she’s been behind on licenses) and former Kern County Animal Control ‘big shot’, Denise Haynes, has even had lunch with ‘rescuer’ Kimi Peck. Denise Haynes has said that all of Kimi Peck’s charges and convictions in criminal court are just ‘HERE SAY’.

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