When Is Kimi Peck Going to STOPPPPPP!!!!!

Close to 200 animals were rescued from Ms. Peck. Yeah!!!! However, how many of these Peck stories are we going to have to continuing reading about? STOP MS. PECK…STOP!!!! Here is a great fair and balanced story in the Sacramento Bee today:

Kern County refugee critters arrive at Sacramento SPCA Share By Cynthia Hubert chubert@sacbee.com Published: Sunday, Jul. 11, 2010 – 12:00 am | Page 1B More than 200 animals taken from a Kern County woman’s filthy home this week began arriving Saturday at the Sacramento SPCA. The shelter scrambled to accommodate the creatures, including 144 dogs, more than 20 cats and some rabbits, after authorities took them from the Tehachapi home of Kimi Peck, said SPCA spokeswoman Lesley Kirrene. Peck is a former relative of the late actor Gregory Peck and runs a dog "rescue" group from her home, said Kirrene. Peck agreed to surrender the animals after authorities confronted her about conditions at the house, Kirrene said. The creatures were living inside Peck’s residence and garage in kennels perched atop wood shavings, she said. Kimi Peck has a long history of collecting animals, according to news reports. On Web sites, she is variously described as a "hoarder" and a hero "rescuer" of needy creatures. Peck was previously married to Gregory Peck’s son, Stephen, said Kirrene. "This is not your typical hoarding situation in the sense that these animals are in pretty good shape," said SPCA director Rick Johnson. "This lady is a caring person. She just let things get out of control." The Sacramento shelter agreed to house the animals at the request of the Humane Society of the United States, which transported the first group to the SPCA on Saturday afternoon. Many of the canines taken from Peck’s home are small breeds including Chihuahuas, but the first group consisted mainly of larger, mixed-breed dogs. Johnson, who supervised unloading of the animals Saturday along with a posse of staff members and volunteers, said the creatures were "stressed from the trip" but otherwise in good shape. "They all seem to be quite sweet," said Kirrene, as workers carried dogs of all shapes and colors from a van. The Sacramento shelter got involved in the Peck case in part because Kern County’s animal control facility is too cramped to accommodate the critters, said Kirrene. The local SPCA has a strong history of finding homes for smaller dogs, said Kirrene. "We just seem to have great luck placing them," she said. "They fly out of here, so we’re pretty confident we can find them homes." Shelter workers have been working for the past two weeks to "shift some things around" and find space for the new arrivals, Kirrene said. Petsmart is donating cages and will pay for veterinary care, she said. The animals will be placed for adoption after they are evaluated and treated for any health problems, said Kirrene. © Copyright The Sacramento Bee. All rights reserved. Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2010/07/11/2882294/kern-county-refugee-critters-arrive.html#ixzz0tNbbsb9W

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