We’ll be adding the following Peck Lawsuits to the Lawsuits section:

The following are Kimi Peck’s Kern County lawsuits pertaining to her ‘rescuing’ efforts from 2005-2010. Kimi Peck’s Chihuahua Rescue and the Dog Angels are still listed on Guidestar.com and actively collecting donations. Please note that Kimi Peck has an extensive criminal record in both Kern County and Los Angeles County pertaining to her ‘rescuing’ efforts and you can view these in the citations section: Kern Case Information (6 total records, displaying 1-6 records.) Case Number Party Name Party Type Case Title Case Type Filing Date M-1502-CL-17673 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT MARLOWE V PECK UNLAWFUL DETAINER 1/19/2010 M-1502-CS-7545 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT TACADINA V PACK SMALL CLAIMS 6/25/2008 M-1502-CS-7871 PECK, KIMI PLAINTIFF PECK VS BENEDICT SMALL CLAIMS 3/10/2010 S-1500-CV-266800 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT BENEDICT V PECK OTHER CIVIL PETITION 3/30/2009 S-1500-CV-268999 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT GOLAND VS. PECK OTHER CIVIL COMPLAINT 12/1/2009

Two of the lawsuits were filed by Ms. Peck’s Tehachapi neighbors. These neighbors are hardworking business owners who have never had issues with anybody except for Kimi Peck. These neighbors accused Ms. Peck of stalking and harassing them after they complained about Kimi Peck’s illegal kennel. Ms. Peck claims that these neighbors were part of a conspiracy to ‘get’ Kimi peck. Ms. Peck claims these neighbors, and many others, were being paid to spy on her.

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