Kimi Peck Claims to Be A VICTIM AGAIN

How many dogs does Kimi Peck still have? 32? 40? 50? Does she have the resources to care for them? It was obvious that dogs rescued from Peck were in need of medical attention. Now Kimi Peck and her ‘volunteer’ accountant, Susan Marlowe, are claiming that Kimi Peck should be allowed to operate an illegal operation because, they claim, Kimi Peck is a victim to the latest Tehachapi fires. Kimi Peck a victim, AGAIN?

To date, Kimi Peck claims to be a victim of the following (IN ADDITION TO THE TEHACHAPI FIRES): -A conspiracy -Burbank Animal Control (the whole department) -Burbank City Attorneys -Former Burbank Volunteers -Former Burbank landlords -Former Burbank neighbors -Former Los Angeles landlords -Former Tehachapi neighbors -County Supervisor Don Maben -Taco Bell -The Malibu Fires in 1993 and 2007 -The Brentwood/Pacific Palisades fires -The Northridge Earthquake in 1994 -Kern County Animal Control officer Julie Sugg -Susan Marlowe’s ex husband -Susan Marlowe (depending on the day) -Basically, if there is a tragedy, expect Kimi Peck to be a victim to it…no matter what it is or where it is…somehow Kimi Peck will claim she’s a victim because she’ll claim she’s trying to save hundreds of animals MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH ‘RESCUER’, KIMI PECK SAY…IN THEIR OPINIONS KIMI PECK FITS THE DESCRIPTION OF AN ANIMAL HOARDER!!!!!! Definition of an Exploiter Hoarder: The Exploiter Hoarder: Tends to have sociopathic characteristics and/or personality disorder •Lacks empathy for people or animals •Rejects authority •Lacks guilt, remorse or social conscience Source: “Animal Hoarding: Structuring interdisciplinary responses to help people, animals and communities at risk,” Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, 2006

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