Please Support The Following to Help Puppy Mill Dogs!!!!

They SO deserve the Pepsi grant! Please take a few moments and vote for them. We feature animal hoarders and people who have been in trouble with the law in regards to animal welfare on hoardingchihuahuas and it’s important that we also acknowledge the GREAT groups…who care for animals and make sure our four legged friends live happy and healthy lives…this group is a GREAT organization. Please vote for them. Thank you Once on the ‘ Pepsi refresh’ site…. click on the grey " vote for this" button. A pop up window will come up that asks you to sign in ( or set up an account)…. after you sign in, you will find yourself back on the CCHS page. CLick on the grey "vote for this" button. When your vote has been counted, the vote for this button on the CCHS page will disappear.

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