Kimberly Serino’s harassment …Part One

Did you receive a call from Kimberly Serino accusing somebody you know of illegal activities?

Here’s just some of Serino’s history of harassing animal advocates she met on FB. A number of them filing criminal charges against Serino for calling their employers claiming they are involved in criminal activities. Serino admitted that her own police department didn’t believe her lies so she decided to file FRIVOLOUS and harassing cases all over the country, including NJ and California. Everything in her complaints are lies except for the fact of her not working and collecting disability for 20 plus years. Each time Serino lost her case, she would refile, including in other states, adding more crazy lies. Again, SERINO HAS LOST EVERY CASE SHE FILED AND DEMANDED COURT FEES BE WAIVED AND HER “DISABILITY” BE ACCOMMODATED. One CA Judge was so fed up and frustrated, he told her he never wanted to see her in his courtroom again and recommended she do something productive with her time – like work. A NJ Judge informed Serino that her frivolous filings have cost NJ taxpayers over a hundred thousand dollars and refused to allow her to continue wasting the court’s time – she dragged the cases for over two years. Serino thinks it’s funny to harass many hardworking people while wasting court’s time and brags that her victims have to spend money hiring lawyers to defend her lies while she pays nothing. She then sends threatening letters to file more lawsuits even though people have ignored her.

Serino then posts that she won the cases. LIES…


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