New Wonderful Web-Series refers to Kimi Peck’s now shut down illegal Kern County Kennel as a ‘Puppy Mill’

A new great web-series following celebs and their rescues is now on the internet. The following link features Mickey Rourke who talks about rescuing his Chihuahua, Jaws, from Kimi Peck in 2002 (though he referred to Peck as ‘this lady’)…it then cuts to a video of Peck’s Kern County illegal hoarding facility wherein the HSUS rescued 200 animals from Peck in 2010…the producers of the web-series never mentioned Peck’s name but referred to her illegal kennel that Mickey Rourke adopted Jaws from as a ‘puppy mill’ – it was THAT bad. With all of the true negative press and publicity about serial animal hoarder, Kimi Peck – she is still operating as a ‘legitimate’ animal rescuer referring to herself as an animal rescuer extroardinaire dismissing all of the negativity as a ‘conspiracy’.


Animal ‘rescuer’, Duain Preitz, has felony animal cruelty charges pending in Kern County. He’s been ordered by the judge NOT to possess animals while out on bail. However, this has not stopped Preitz from continuing to solicit donations for his many corporations and non-profits: Best of Buddies, Animal Life Sanctuary, Lucky Lady Mining and The Night Train Check out the following links to this creepy animal abuser: is a fraudulent website is a fraudulent website. Kimi Peck, who runs the rescue, has a history of hoarding animals and not properly caring for them. She’s been legally run out of Burbank, Los Angeles, Kern County (twice). She most recently operated an illegal kennel in Phelan, California. Please do not donate money and/or animals to Peck or any of her associates. is Kimi Peck’s personal money maker.


Dead Animals Found In Accused Animal Hoarder’s Pool Neighbors Contact 23 ABC After Animals Found In Back Yard Pool In Tehachapi, there was a gruesome discovery in the pool of a home, but it’s not just any home. It’s the property that accused animal hoarder Kimi Peck used to live on.

Dead Animals Found In Accused Animal Hoarder’s Pool Neighbors Contact 23 ABC After Animals Found In Back Yard Pool (April 2012) In Tehachapi, there was a gruesome discovery in the pool of a home, but it’s not just any home. It’s the property that accused animal hoarder Kimi Peck used to live on. Neighbors contacted 23 ABC after they found several dead animals floating in what appears to be bacteria-ridden water. It was a sight and a smell no one can prepare for — several dead animals at the bottom of a pool. At first glance, 23 ABC thought the animals were deer. When we took a closer look, the animals appeared to be dogs that were floating in something that used to be water. Mold and bacteria cover the surface of what was a pool at one time. Peck was evicted from two different homes in the Tehachapi area for having hundreds of dogs. She left the home on Water Canyon Road in 2009. Several neighbors said it still looks like it did the day she left. The Kern County Assessor’s Office confirmed to 23 ABC that Peck still owns the home, which is why neighbors declined to go on camera. They believe Peck will be back, and said they fear what she’s capable of. Neighbors said the pool on Peck’s property has been an issue for years. At first, they were concerned about West Nile virus. With the discovery of the animals, they say they’re now concerned it’s a breeding ground for far worse. Residential pools fall under the jurisdiction of Kern County Code Compliance. The agency was not available for an interview Monday, but officials told 23 ABC, someone filed a complaint about the pool, so a case was opened on Friday. Officials also said they will be trying to contact Peck and will be working with other agencies, like animal control, while dealing with the matter. This is a situation 23 ABC will continue to watch as the investigation continues. Twitter Facebook YouTube Community Calendar

Serial Animal Hoarder Kimi Peck’s Harassment of Many

Kimi Peck and a few of her misfit followers, will and have harassed every single person who has turned her into authorities for animal hoarding. Here is a statement from one of the many people who unfortunately, had Kimi Peck and her illegal kennel set up in their neighborhood.

CH-100, Item 6-DESCRIBE HARASSMENT Late in 2005, Ms. Peck moved to her present address and it soon became clear that her property was being used as an unlicensed kennel. I tried to work with Ms. Peck for about a year to resolve these issues, however, instead of things getting better, they got much worse. When I notified authorities about the noise, smell, and conditions caused by housing over 200 dogs in her residence, the harassment soon began. First Ms. Peck began calling me threatening she was going to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service and have my restaurant business investigated for hiring illegal immigrants. I told Ms. Peck that I do not hire illegal immigrants and she said ‘we shall see about that’. I did not know what that meant until Ms. Peck created websites, see below. Following that there were threats of exposing personal information about me and my family in an attempt to discredit me, harass me and to hurt my restaurant business of 12 years. Starting in or around February of 2007 and continuing to this day, Ms. Peck created a SLANDEROUS internet website and The website is updated regularly with more untruths about me and my business. She includes on the website the name of my restaurants and their locations. She also put my picture on this website and underneath my picture she states the following malicious, false and defamatory comments about me that include: I shot at a neighbors dog I shot at Kimi’s dogs I hire illegal aliens at my restaurants, in Tehachapi and Mojave I house illegal aliens in an unpermitted guest house on my property I have a number of unlawful drug habits In addition to the above, Ms. Peck and her employees were found trespassing on my property, as recently as the end of February, according to one of her employees who stated in a Board of Supervisors hearing that she has been up to my property. As a single woman living alone, I was and AM very FEARFUL for my safety and asked a friend to move into my residence. In an attempt to intimidate my housemate, Ms. Peck confronted her demanding to know who she was and then followed her to the school bus stop. A police incident report was filed. I have also received calls from one of Ms. Peck’s employees who said his name was Sam Farr. Mr. Farr began to verbally attack me on the phone because I had been complaining about the noise coming from Ms. Peck property. I hung up on Mr. Farr. On March 12, 2009, I received a call at one of my restaurants from a man who identified himself as Kimi’s computer guy and said his name was John Longenecker. He began accusing me and other neighbors of being in a conspiracy to ‘harass Kimi and get her’. I hung up on him. I have also been threatened with lawsuits by Ms. Peck because she claims I am harassing her with my complaints to officials of the noise nuisance. Come to find out that Ms. Peck has a history of doing to others, what she has been doing to me. It appears Ms. Peck commonly files lawsuits against those who bring her activities to light. Her last lawsuit that she filed was in 2007 against 10 individuals (LASC #BC 365220). After these individuals hired an attorney to protect them against this SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) with an anti-SLAPP motion, this suit was dismissed. In addition, in 2005, Ms. Peck, including her Chihuahua Rescue, filed five (5) lawsuits against people, including harassment suits. All of these suits were dismissed. It also appears that Ms. Peck tried to sue another neighbor for harassment in 1999 and this suit, too, was dismissed. In addition, it appears that Ms. Peck has been a defendant in a number of lawsuits in both civil and criminal courts in Los Angeles. According to court records, Ms. Peck has lost many of these cases. Now after the recent action by the Kern County Board of Supervisors declaring Ms. Peck’s property a nuisance, I am even more fearful as she is blaming her neighbors for the County’s action and making malicious statements about conspiracies between people who don’t know one another and have no past or present relationship. In addition, she created a new website in or around February of 2009, this is IN ADDITION, to the and .com called, whereas she continues to harass and slander me. At this point, I realize that this is not going to end it’s just getting worse and Ms. Peck’s behavior is getting more unstable and frightening with her conspiracy theories

STOP BLAMING ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST ROBYN BERKENFELD! Animal Hoarder Kimi Peck’s Attack Website from 2009

UPDATE: Kimi Peck was arrested AGAIN in 2014 and charged with animal cruelty!!!! This is Peck’s second arrest pertaining to animal related abuse in 5 years…

Why does serial animal hoarder/abuser/breeder, Kimi Peck, continue to wrongly accuse animal rights activist Robyn Berkenfeld – of rediculous false claims on NUMEROUS blogs Peck and/or one of her few unemployed/’disabled’ ‘supporters’ admin? Because Robyn Berkenfeld has exposed many of Peck’s illegal kennels and has saved hundreds of sick dogs from Peck. Though Peck claims she is a good person and never stalks or harasses people – She is wrong. Besides her many blogs, yes plural, full of lies, Peck has also posted comments on news stories exposing Peck’s animal abuse – blaming Robyn Berkenfeld for everything. Sorry Kimi Peck. All anybody has to do is google Kimi Peck and you will see reliable news stories exposing Peck’s history from 2003 to 2014. Nobody planted anything. Nobody stole records. Lt. Bruce Speirs and all of Burbank wanted Peck out of their community because she was nothing but an animal abusing nuisance. Robyn Berkenfeld was thanked by Lt. Bruce Speirs.

Kimi Peck has made over $1,000,000.00 hoarding Chihuahuas and other dogs. She is a crazy 67-year-old grandmother (estranged) and mother (estranged) with way too much time on her hands (even with hundreds of animals). Below are excerpts from Kimi Peck’s attack websites from 2009 – you can see Kimi Peck is one scary and crazy serial animal hoarder.

Peck’s ‘attack’ website from 2009 – Yes, Animal Hoarder Kimi Peck was in trouble with the law in 2009, too, but felt she was being picked on and conspired against. She’s NUTS in addition to being an animal hoarder…Who HASN’T she blamed? Herself! Here are excerpts from Peck’s 2009 website – though it looks like somebody else is writing it – it is actually Kimi Peck writing it: “In 2005 Kimi’s Burbank kennel license limit was 168 based on the square footage of the site. As the number of abandoned Chihuahuas increased and were dumped at Kimi’s gate – Kimi rented a 5000 sq. ft. warehouse next door to accommodate the exploding numbers. Trouble – backed by a deep pockets financier At about this time Robyn Berkenfeld (aka Berken) and Joan xxx were recruited and paid to launch an attack/smear campaign and character assassination scheme against Kimi Peck based on a personal vendetta – not about Chihuahuas. Lawrence J. xxx is a Pasadena attorney and husband of Joan xxx. Kimi was often outspoken about the failings of Burbank and other Animal Control authorities across Southern California. Kimi made a number of enemies in the ranks of police department officials and Animal Control public servants – especially after Kimi saved 170 Chihuahuas from the Baldwin Park, California animal shelter where the supervisor said: "Kimi Peck will get these Chihuahuas over my dead body." Lt. Bruce Spears was at the kennel every day. He had been a police officer who now was the supervisor of the Burbank animal control department. He typically had a smile for you while he stabbed you in the back. Lt. Spears told Kimi that if she built a drain in the warehouse, he would approve 200 more Chihuahuas. Kimi’s drain cost over $5,500 and was installed in the rented warehouse with the owners approval. Lt. Spears then told Kimi to waterproof the walls. Kimi’s costs for the waterproof wall treatment cost more than $3,000. Lt. Spears then said the warehouse kennel would be inspected twice a day. Suddenly Burbank City Chihuahua authorities started inspecting Kimi Peck’s kennel twice a day – and that lasted two months. Citations Petty and silly citations were given for things like a hamster that flipped over it’s water dish, an employee who carried a water dish too slowly, plastic bags filled with dog blankets that were continually washed load after load were deemed "unsanitary conditions," and then… not finding three (3) Chihuahua files designated and specifically called for out of 168 files – the only 3 that were missing that day. Those missing files were clearly a set-up by the insiders – Robyn Berkenfeld and Joan xxx. Trouble – backed by a deep pockets financier A Bizarre Police Department Probe We are informed and believe that Lt. Spears, a Burbank Police Captain and the Burbank city attorney, Greg Kaplin, were bought off. It is clear that the Burbank City Chihuahua authorities were seeking to build a case against the effective Chihuahua rescurer Kimi Peck. Kimi’s work was in the news and celebrated, she had won legal battles in court on behalf of saving the lives of Chihuahuas — all in the face of the kill policy of local government animal shelters. One late afternoon two strangers trespassed and took photos inside the kennel office. Officer Allen arrived and sometime later asked the two strangers if they had a camera. They said no. He asked if they had taken any photos on the kennel property. They said no. Officer Allen then went back to Kimi Peck to tell her that she is a liar. How do you spell "police corruption." Later, Robyn Berkenfeld and Joan xxx filed a complaint with the Burbank Police Department. After 2 months of twice a day inspections – at 10:00 AM the local tax payers paid for 10 Burbank Police Department detectives, 10 or more squad cars with 2 cops in each, code enforcement guys, and a camera team from forensics to descend upon Kimi Peck’s kennel. Little John – one of the Burbank Animal Control officers discovered a hairless Chihuahua and screamed and spit on Kimi’s face he was so close: "Get the records, Kimi. Get the records right now. Or else." Kimi called her vet and the vet records for the hairless Chihuahua’s care were instantly faxed to the kennel. Little John never apologized for his hysterical and threatening conduct in his failed attempt to show off for his superiors. Law enforcement guys and Dick Cheney don’t apologize they just say: "So"? The Burbank City Chihuahua authorities cited Kimi for having too many Chihuahuas. Kimi appeared in court on the citation for having too many Chihuahuas, despite the assurances time and again by Lt. Spears who assured Kimi could have more dogs if she just did one more thing. There is bit more to the Burbank story. Here soon ——————————————————————————– Quite an intriguing story in itself – with friends, some heroes, Chihuahua volunteers and some real dangerous, petty, vindictive, awful villains who just don’t get it but enjoy tearing down, causing unjust legal troubles, hiring hack attack attorneys, private investigators and who are just no help at all. These folks need to see the light and ought to accomplish something positive and helpful. But no. These folks are as dysfunctional as the Iraq War / Katrina inept White House guys who’s conduct we will watch all unravel in due time. ——————————————————————————– Remember – this all has to do with helping little Chihuahuas. ——————————————————————————– Trouble – backed by a deep pocket financier Some paid staff and volunteers responsible for cleaning the Burbank site complained to authorities and the press that the site was not clean. Amazing. Keeping the site clean and the Chihuahuas fed, watered and healthy was the responsibility of the staff and volunteers who instead took photos of the site early in the morning – rather than clean up, feed and water the Chihuahuas. When Kimi arrived each day, things got cracking. ——————————————————————————– A Chihuahua Sanctuary So, gone from Burbank and now in Kern County – Kimi Peck is providing a sanctuary for the Chihuahuas and other doggies that were not adopted back in Burbank along with some new little rescued friends. ——————————————————————————– Kimi would love to adopt out the 200 Chihuahuas she cares for now. But, to who? Who has the expertise to adopt a Chihuahua that has been deemed by animal control authorities as not adaptable? Well, Kimi can rehabilitate Chihuahuas as she has proven time and time again. ——————————————————————————– Kern County regulations do not allow a Chihuahua adoption business on Kimi’s property. So, it’s now just a sanctuary for "left over" Chihuahuas. ——————————————————————————– That’s the story in a nutshell. ——————————————————————————– 2008 ——————————————————————————– 2008 Trouble in Kern County – backed by a deep pockets financier Why the sudden June 2008 smear press stories? Berkenfeld & xxx back at it one more time. Kimi’s neighbor video clip on QuickTime 7 | ——————————————————————————– A Kern County neighbor is in cahoots with hired attack girl Robyn Berkenfeld from the Burbank days. ——————————————————————————– Notes: We are informed and believe: The neighbor – Barbara xxx – shoots woodpeckers. Dead. PETA and California Fish and Game ought to get in touch. Are woodpeckers on the endangered species list yet? It is likely Barbara shot at LUCY, the neighborhood Bloodhound. Her daughter, xxxx, is a methamphetamine addict who hangs out with gang guys. xxxx has three illegitimate children and has spent most of her adult life in prison. Barbara – her mom – kept a loaded shotgun in her house when SUNSHINE lived with her mother. It is unlawful for a CONVICTED FELON to have access to a gun. Barbara kept a loaded shotgun in the house with her boyfriend, also a CONVICTED FELON. He was the guy sitting next to her in City Hall recently. Either Sunshine or Barbara SHOT at Kimi Peck’s dogs two years ago. Kimi can get a copy of the written complaint document filed with the Kern County Sheriff’s Dept. Kimi Peck made a second complaint last year when LUCY, the Bloodhound was shot at. Barbara hires illegal aliens who work for her at her xxxx franchises in Tehachapi and Mojave. They typically live in her unpermitted guest house. This was reported to Code Compliance on Friday, June 20, 2008. Her xxxx have fed a lot of law enforcement officers and a local Judge at no cost. She bosts she now has an in with Sheriff deputies and that Judge. Typically these folks take her side in matters related to the law and disputes. Barbara has a number of unlawful drug habits. See DEA. Since 2005 Kimi Peck has provided Barbara with water from her well for $20 a month. Barbara thretened a legal action against Kimi Peck with respect to a written agreement about the well. Barbara’s key complaint: Kimi Peck’s dogs often bark. News Reports Kiyoshi Tomono the TV reporter may have a few follow-up questions for Barbara, if he is willing. ——————————————————————————– The painfully truth-challenged silly but dangerous attack team with ties back to Burbank who in June 2008 have launched a new PR attack against Kimi Peck, started up Internet blogs and websites, contacted the media and made reports to local Kern County authorities are clearly being financed by someone. Kimi Peck – Kiyoshi Tomono TV News Report 2 ——————————————————————————– Note: at this point we could care less about copyright to Internet video news stories. Our legal point would be that Kimi Peck is a joint author of whatever a TV station broadcasts about her and thus a joint copyright claimant and owner based on her contributions to the report. This will give you TV guys an opportunity to do some U.S. Copyright Law research. ——————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————– 2008 Trouble in Kern County – backed by a deep pockets financier We believe it is same vindictive deep pockets financier from the Burbank-Berkenfeld-xxx days – now resurfaced and with a bank account ready for trouble for Kimi Peck in Kern County. Any influence on Kern County employees? Certainly undue pressure. ——————————————————————————– That’s another story. ——————————————————————————– The goal the detractors are seeking: kill the dogs. Why? Just to kill the dogs… and to harm and injure Kimi Peck. That’s it. ——————————————————————————– Chihuahuas Instead, just seek do something good to help the previously abandoned Chihuahuas and other little sanctuary doggies that Kimi cares for. Do the right thing. That’s all we seek. ——————————————————————————– Note: It would be so nice if Kimi Peck lives through all this new turmoil and her Chihuahuas continue to have a chance at a pleasant life. ——————————————————————————– Audio Reports on rescuing dogs in Southern California”