In January of 2007, attorney Theresa Macellaro filed a 30 page lawsuit against ten (10) former volunteers who she claims have caused her client, Ms. Kimi Peck, to suffer from SEVERE EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, ANXIETY, NERVOUSNESS, IRRITABILITY, and, last, but not least, the LOSS OF CONCENTRATION. Ms. Macellaro claims Ms. Peck suffers from all of the above disorders because of a court ordered shut down of Ms. Peck’s Burbank ‘Sanctuary’ – who Ms. Peck and Ms. Macellaro blame on former volunteers. With all due respect, not only did these former volunteers have nothing whatsoever to do with this closure (and this was obvious when no witnesses were needed at the hearing), many people felt that Ms. Peck had been suffering from all of these MENTAL DISORDERS AND MAJOR MENTAL ILLNESS LONG BEFORE her court ordered shut down of her Burbank ‘Sanctuary’. Well, that’s neither here nor there because Ms. Macellaro and Ms. Peck dismissed this lawsuit less than a month after they filed it so many hope, for the animals’ sake, that Ms. Peck is now taking the proper medication to help her deal with her many mental disorders and possible OCD (that is associated with animal hoarding). The comments section contains an article that was published in the Burbank Leader giving a brief summary of this suit. The lawsuit will be available to read in the lawsuits section of this website. Many feel that this lawsuit was just another bullying and harassment technique by Ms. Peck because most of the claims were frivilous and it was obvious that Ms. Macellaro did not bother to not only research the LAWS, she obviously did not bother to research OR review her own client’s charges and convictions, throughout the years, in Burbank’s Criminal Court. If Ms. Macellaro would like to view Ms. Peck’s MANY CHARGES AND CONVICTIONS, they are available on this website. ***This was not the first lawsuit Ms. Peck has filed against former volunteers regarding the court ordered shut down of her Burbank ‘Sanctuary’. This was lawsuit number four (4). With each lawsuit Ms. Peck files, more ‘lies’ are added to the claims. All four (4) lawsuits were either dismissed by the courts or by Ms. Peck. We’ll keep you posted if and when she files lawsuit number five (5). Please READ MORE to see the article published in the Burbank Leader in regards to Ms. Peck’s latest FRIVILOUS LAWSUIT.

What makes this SO fascinating is the fact that Ms. Peck, herself, contacted the Burbank Leader and informed them about the lawsuit she had filed. She did this before all of the defendants had even been served. We’re gonna give Ms. Peck the benefit of the doubt and state she was probably suffering from memory loss due to her extreme anxiety because she obviously forgot one of her claims in the lawsuit was the fact that she was upset the press was even involved in any aspect of her court ordered move out of Burbank. Here’s the piece: Shelter files suit against volunteers Director of Chihuahua Rescue opens an action claiming slander and defamation against 10 former unpaid workers. By Chris Wiebe BURBANK — The director of a Chihuahua rescue shelter, which operated out of Burbank for more than four years, has filed a 10-party lawsuit against some of her former volunteers, accusing them of a smear campaign that tarnished her business reputation. Kimi Peck, director of Chihuahua Rescue — which relocated to Tehachapi after a court order forced the shelter out of Burbank — contends in her lawsuit that former volunteers committed slander and defamation against her when they told police in 2005 that Peck kept Chihuahuas in unsafe and squalid conditions. The volunteers also alleged that Peck was hoarding dogs rather than finding them new homes. After Burbank Police and animal control officials investigated, Peck was charged with having insufficient food and water for her animals, failing to maintain sanitary and safe conditions and keeping insufficient records for her animals. She pleaded no contest to the latter charge in June 2005 and the other two were set aside. By October 2005, she had cleared out of her Burbank facility, moving to Tehachapi, where she says her rescue operation has suffered as a result of the complaints of the volunteers. "It’s been very painful, very hard," she said "And I can handle everything, but it has affected the dogs, and that hurts me." But attorney Larry Rudd, who represents the 10 defendants named in the suit, said that Peck has no evidence of defamation and slander and that the law protects the rights of people to make critical statements to authorities about bad business practices. "This is an attempt to harass people who only sought the best interest of the animals," he said. "These are people who left because of despicable conditions." Volunteers reported seeing dogs that were seldom released from their cages, living in their own feces, he said. A veterinarian who leased a space next door to Chihuahua Rescue on Moss Street terminated his portion of the lease, saying he could no longer carry on his practice so near to the shelter’s conditions, Rudd added. "Kimi Peck, in keeping with her prior actions, files suits against anyone who disagrees with her, anyone who comments about her poor care and treatment of animals," he said. Rudd is filing a motion disputing Peck’s complaint as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation suit, which is a litigation strategy intended to stifle or intimidate the critics of the plaintiff. He will also pursue Peck for his attorney’s fees and may pursue her attorney on grounds of malicious prosecution. "This is just an absurd suit and it should never have been brought," he said. Peck grabbed headlines in 2003, when she saved 170 Chihuahuas from being euthanized after Los Angeles County animal control officials confiscated the dogs from breeder Emma Harter. Harter was subsequently convicted of animal abuse for housing 235 Chihuahuas in fetid, unsanitary conditions. But two years later, Peck found herself the target of accusations from volunteers at her own shelter, which ultimately drove her from Burbank. [ Reply to This | Delete | ]

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