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HOARDINGCHIHUAHUAS is a site run by and paid for by animal lovers who are concerned with some non-profit 501(c)3 self proclaimed animal ‘rescuers’ who many believe are doing more harm to animals than good.  There is another side to animal ‘rescuing’ that many people do NOT see, until it’s too late.  Did you know that ANY PERSON(S) can obtain 501c3 non-profit status and call themselves an animal rescuer?  The reality is, many animal hoarders call themselves animal ‘rescuers’ and actively seek donations and animals to feed their addictions using ‘non-profit‘ status to make the public believe they are legitimate. They hide behind appealing websites asking for donations.  What they don’t show you?  Their histories.  Histories that include breaking the law, operating illegal kennels, neglecting/abusing animals, overcrowded conditions, hoarding.  Hoardingchihuahuas profiles a few non-profit animal ‘rescuers’ who claim, with words, they love and care for animals; however, their actions tell a much different story.  Hoardingchihuahuas will present to you their actions with sworn first hand account statements, photographs, official and court documentation, media stories. Our goal?  Let’s get some strong animal welfare laws in place and stop these animal ‘rescuers’ from hurting anymore animals…TO CONTACT THIS SITE: Hoardingchihuahuas@yahoo.com

KIMI PECK, 72, is president of the disgraced Chihuahua Rescue and the Dog Angels ‘Sanctuary’, [both suspended by the government] non-profit 501(c)3 animal ‘rescue’ organizations….What Kimi Peck does NOT want you to know:

  • Kimi Peck was arrested in Kern County in 2010
  • Kimi Peck has a history in Criminal Courts dating back to 1997; everything from keeping animals in unsanitary conditions, operating illegal kennels, not providing vet care, not keeping records on hundreds of animals, not licensing hundreds of animals, and other animal related neglect (click here to see charges/convictions)
  • Kimi Peck is on Los Angeles animal shelters Do Not Adopt to List since 2006
  • Kimi Peck has been legally forced to close over ten rescue ‘sanctuaries’ since 1997 due to her own negligence
  • Kimi Peck averages between 150 to 375 animals at any given time even though she does not have the proper resources, facility, licenses or manpower
  • Kimi Peck does NOT fix all of her animals and puppies have been born under her ‘watch’
  • Kimi Peck moved to Tehachapi in 2005 (after being legally forced out of Burbank) and operated two different illegal kennels without the proper permits (click here to see paperwork) though has collected over $800,000.00 in donations and these donations paid for Peck’s personal living expenses, legal expenses, mortgage, meals, clothes, makeup, guns, cable tv, etc.
  • Kimi Peck was declared a nuisance in Kern County in 2009 and fined over $5,500.00 and was forced to shut down two illegal kennel operations
  • Kimi Peck’s Tehachapi neighbors (23 of them) claimed, among other things, they heard animals in distress, uncontrolled dog fights, strong and offensive smell of urine and feces, gun shots and the smell of dead animals – all from Peck’s property
  • Kimi Peck has filed lawsuits or threatened to file lawsuits against every person or entity who has questioned her inhumane or unethical treatment of animals – all lawsuits were dismissed
  • Kimi Peck’s Chihuahua Rescue associate, Kim Maggio, is a convicted animal abuser
  • Kimi Peck and Kim Maggio stole a woman’s puppies and this woman sued both Peck and Maggio and was awarded a $27,500.00 judgement
  • Kimi Peck had to give up 200 animals to HSUS in 2010 (many needed emergency vet services).  She swore she would quit the rescue business; however, unfortunately, she is still in the ‘rescue’ business in undisclosed locations with a few hundred animals and refers to herself as an animal rescuer extraordinaire
  • Kimi Peck moved to San Bernardino County in 2011 and continued operating illegal kennels, breeding animals, fighting with landlords and neighbors, hoarding animals in filthy conditions, stealing animals and then became homeless – living in a fifth wheel with over 100 dogs stuffed in crates before becoming homeless in late 2013
  • Kimi Peck started yet another fake rescue called Chihuahua Rescue Beverly Hills in 2012 and promotes the fake rescue on Facebook
  • Kimi Peck moved to Weld County Colorado in 2014 and immediately became Weld County’s nightmare – after neighbors complained about all of her dogs, Peck (who was living under alias Suzanne Moran) began harassing and threatening local residents before taking off for CHEYENNE, WY
  • Kimi Peck was living at a Cheyenne truck stop in a fifth wheel with over 50 neglected dogs stuffed in crates until veterinarians and a news station reported Peck’s dogs to be in distress
  • Kimi Peck was forced to surrender over 50 sick/emaciated dogs to Cheyenne authorities in April 2014- costing the rescues who took her former dogs over $40,000.00
  • Kimi Peck was forced to return Julie Feiner’s now 5 year old dogs back to Julie.  The dogs were in horrific condition when CHEYENNE authorities seized them
  • Kimi Peck was arrested and charged with animal cruelty in Colorado early May 2014 stemming from another incident (charges still pending as of June 2015)
  • Kimi Peck continues to NOT accept responsibility for her history and continues to ‘rescue’
  • Kimi Peck claims her criminal history is not due to her own negligence but due to her being a victim of a conspiracy since 1997

Scroll down to read more about ‘rescuer’ Kimi Peck in Burbank and view pictures of her legally shut down Burbank Chihuahua Rescue and ‘Sanctuary’.


CYNTHIA GUDGER is her REAL name! Susan Marlowe, CPA in 2010
Click here to read and see more about Susan Marlowe
Kimi Peck

SUSAN MARLOWE, CPA, 65, is president of a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue organization called DOG AT HOME, INC. Marlowe, in court documents, claims to be an established rescuer with a facility. We have not been able to verify anything positive that Ms. Marlowe has done for rescue animals; however, we were able to verify from Court documents and other documents filed by Ms. Marlowe, and her attorneys, including unethical attorney, Bret Lewis, some very disturbing information regarding Susan Marlowe’s participation in aiding and abetting one of the worst (according to animal control officers) animal abusers they have ever come into contact with, Cynthia Gudger. According to Court documents and Riverside County Animal Control, in 2006, Susan Marlowe was awarded animals(because she filed a lawsuit) that had been taken from accused animal abuser in Riverside, Cynthia Gudger (who was living as alias, Barbara Ryan) who then became a fugitive. Two years later in 2008, fugitive Cynthia Gudger (who was now living as alias Anita Gilbert) was busted in Tehachapi living in a warehouse on property owned by Susan Marlowe. Inside this warehouse?  Dead animals in a freezer and many sick animals living in horrific conditions. Many animals in Gudger’s possession were the same animals Gudger was accused of abusing in Riverside and that were awarded to Susan Marlowe. In addition, according to documentation, Susan Marlowe actually started a non-profit 501(c)3 animal rescue welfare organization for Cynthia Gudger (using some of Gudger‘s aka‘s) called Mommie Cats Little Ones.  The person doing the banking for Mommie Cats Little Ones? Gudger’s alias, Barbara Ryan.  According to official bank documentation, there was over $10,000.00 in Mommie Cats Little One’s bank account.  Susan Marlowe’s devotion continued when she bailed Cynthia Gudger out of Kern County jail.  Not surprising that Cynthia Gudger became a fugitive again until she was finally caught living as alias, Elizabeth Neuffer in both an apartment and a motel with, you guessed it, sick animals and dead animals in the freezer. Click here to see pictures of Cynthia Gudger being arrested, pictures of her properties and many of the official documents Marlowe filed on behalf of Cynthia Gudger‘s aliases. Also, according to many documents filed by Susan Marlowe, including documents Susan Marlowe signed under penalty of perjury, it appears she has participated in fraudulent activities. Fraudulent activities that have made Susan Marlowe a lot of money. Fraudulent activities that included torturing animals. Susan Marlowe hired an internet reputation repair company to spam the Internet with spam when you type in her name so people will not be able to see this page, full of truths. Marlowe is also a board member for the Amanda Foundation.  Susan Marlowe, a CPA, then filed for bankruptcy under her maiden name, Susan Bolinger.  The Amanda Foundation does not care that MARLOWE harbored one of the worst animal abusers out there.  

Cynthia Gudger, 65, pleaded guilty to social security fraud and horrific felony animal cruelty.  Gudger, who has successfully stolen MANY identities, including those of deceased women, and committed many crimes using these aliases, still claims to be dying from terminal cancer.   She also has convictions of threatening To kill a Judge and animal cruelty from 1993.  As of 2013, Gudger was still hoarding cats after receiving a slap on the wrist for her many crimes. Gudger tortures animals before brutally killing them (this is all documented in court records).



Welcome to Kimi Peck’s Chihuahua Rescue and Sanctuary, BEFORE Tehachapi, through the eyes of many former volunteers, veterinarians, landlords, neighbors and others. *In addition to Chihuahua Rescue, Kimi Peck is also affiliated with a new 501c3 non-profit rescue called THE DOG ANGELS, located in Kern County, California. Please be aware that Ms. Kimi Peck has a profile on Petabuse.com’s database. Also, be aware that Ms. Peck is on Los Angeles’ shelters DNA (DO NOT ADOPT) List. This means, Los Angeles shelters will NOT adopt out any animals to Kimi Peck or anybody associated with her.

Hoarding Chihuahua says: “A shelter is by definition a safe haven, where animals are treated kindly and humanely. Animals do not starve in a shelter, don’t kill each other in fights, do not live in filth, do not suffer from untreated disease and injury, and they do not breed. Authentic no-kill shelters follow these rules as closely as any, and are hurt as much as we are when hoarders convince the public that hoarding is “no-kill sheltering.”



Kimi Peck’s version of Disneyland, at least…Anaheim has Mickey Mouse…Kimi Peck’s Chihuahua Rescue in Burbank has lots of mice…Unfortunately, that’s the only thing we could think of that the two may actually have in common.











No Food


Pic 11




Saluki   Chi Rescue


Tiffany shim Gaylord


P4160003 shim P4160005







Megan Dodson


Hybrid Wolf
Kimi acquired this beautiful and sweet Hybrid Wolf and lucked out that Animal Control officers in Burbank never cited her for it for the months she had the wolf living in this run in her Burbank ‘Sanctuary’. Why? Well, according to the laws, Ownership of pure wolves is illegal except by the few people qualifying for a valid permit from Fish and Game – Among the criteria for such a permit are rigid requirements for facilities and experience in raising such animals, along with approval of the USDA.


Kimi According to a study conducted by Tufts University, HARC, “One of the most disturbing trends in animal hoarding cases is that of a person hoarding under the guise of being a legitimate animal shelter, sanctuary, adoption agency, or rescue group. These cases are particulary difficult to resolve because it involves overcoming an entrenched systematic effort to acquire animals, usually with a long history of enabling by a public ill-informed about animal hoarding and easily swayed by claims of good intentions. #
Sometimes these truly remain relativlely solo efforts, with a half-hearted attempt to maintain the facade of a legitimate agency. Other times, the barriers can be more formidable, as occurs when the hoarding is done under the guise of a registered non-profit organization calling itself a sanctuary, retirement home, or no-kill shelter. Of course, all of these can be and often are legitimate activities providing needed services to unwanted animals; each of these activities does and should elicit great sympathy.
Experience has proved that courts, the public and the media have great difficulty distinguishing between legitimate operations where the needs of the animals come first, and those which are smokescreens for institutional hoarding. Finally, the Internet appears to be becoming a vehicle for national, and even international, solicitation for animals. HARC has personal testimony from people seeking to place a special-needs animal lured by an appealing website, only to find a hoarding situation when they happened to visit. There are some general characteristics that should at least raise the suspicion of hoarding:
Unwilling to let visitors see the facilities where animals are kept. Unwilling to say how many animals are actually present. Little effort made to adopt, and much effort focused on acquistion. Continued acquisition in the face of declining care for existing animals. Claims of being able to provide excellent lifetime care for animals with special needs (paralyzed, feline leukemia positive, extreme aggression) without verifiable resources Number and staff and / or volunteers inconsistent with the number of animals. Desire to receive animals at a remote location rather than on-site.





Dead Igor
TO LIVE AND DIE AT CHIHUAHUA RESCUE…Igor is shown here, deceased. He looks peaceful in the filthy dirty cage he once called his home. He spent his days and nights at Chihuahua Rescue and Sanctuary wondering why he was there AND SUFFERING. His poor old body had dried up feces and urine stuck to it. As a matter of fact, sadly, just four days before his death, a loyal volunteer gave Igor a much needed bath because Maggots were actually present on this dog’s body. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE, IGOR…AND IT’S FOR DOGS LIKE YOU THAT HAD TO SUFFER WHILE UNDER KIMI PECK’S CARE, THAT WE ARE DOING WHAT WE ARE DOING…

All pictures on this website are the sole property of HOARDING CHIHUAHUAS and cannot be used, duplicated or reproduced without written consent. None of the pictures have been altered.

Recent Posts

Bret Lewis, Esq., Los Angeles based unethical attorney and con-artist…

Rolled in Hollywood,|Investors Say

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Four Los Angeles men fleeced Korean investors for $2.5 million by pretending to have a movie distribution deal with Universal Pictures, the investors claim in court.

Plaintiffs CJ Venture Investment, Hype Nation Korea and Planis Entertainment sued Yong Jin Lee, Bret Lewis, Paul Ring, and John Ferguson in Superior Court.

Also sued are Lee and Lewis’ company Hypenation, and Fase 1 Films/Universal UMGD, the allegedly “fabricated” distribution company.

According to the complaint, the Korean investors provided $2.5 million to finance Hypenation’s movie, “Hype Nation 3D.” The defendants allegedly told them the movie would be widely release throughout North America by a Universal affiliate.

But the movie never saw the light of day, the complaint states.

“The defendants, who had never before produced or distributed such a theatrical motion picture, and who lacked the millions of dollars, expertise and extensive facilities with which to produce and distribute the picture, misrepresented their abilities and qualifications to the plaintiffs, concealed the true facts, fabricated documents and made statements falsely asserting that an affiliate of Universal Pictures would be distributing the picture,” the 28-page lawsuit states.

Universal Pictures is not a party to the complaint.

After hatching the scheme in 2009, the defendants went to some lengths to convince investors that the Universal deal was bona fide, says the lawsuit.

The defendants stuck a Universal logo on the first page of a distribution agreement, rented a conference room at Universal City to make it appear they had offices at the studio, and circulated a 2-year-old publicity email to investors from a Universal Music Group executive, the complaint states.

The investors say none of the defendants had “any relationship with Universal Pictures” and that Fase 1 Films/Universal UMGD was formed to pull the wool over their eyes.

“The only relationship any of the defendants had with any ‘Universal’ entity was through defendant Ring’s Bungalo Records label. Ring was the president of Bungalo Records, which is a small, independent record label that is merely distributed by Universal Music Group Distribution (‘UMGD’). However, although UMGD has the word ‘Universal’ in its name, it has no relationship whatever with Universal Pictures,” the complaint states.

Planis paid Hypenation $500,000 for development of “Hype Nation” for a 49 percent share of net profits, and credit on the film, which was slated for a 2011 release, according to the complaint.

CJ Venture and its fund formed Hype Nation Korea and agreed to invest $2 million in return for 30 percent of net profits, the companies say. Both agreements were negotiated in South Korea and California, according to the lawsuit.

“Pursuant to the terms of the CJ Investment and Planis agreements, as well as the temporal nature of the picture’s audience appeal, the timely production and distribution of the picture was of the essence of both agreements. However, as of the date this complaint is filed, defendants have neither completed the picture nor theatrically distributed it in the U.S. or in any other country,” the complaint states.

According to industry website IMDB, “Hype Nation,” is about an American dance crew that competes with dancers from South Korea.

No contact information was available for the defendant companies.

The plaintiffs seek more than $2.75 million in damages for intentional misrepresentation, intentional concealment of material facts, breach of contract, and unfair competition.

They are represented by Michael Bergman, of Encino.

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