Susan Marlowe Documented fraud and Animal Abuse – #7

Susan Marlowe doesn’t want you to see this site for obvious reasons.  Hoardingchihuahuas exposes Susan Marlowe’s documented fraud and hands on participation re heinous animal cruelty.  Susan Marlowe has tried, unsuccessfully, to silence anybody and everybody who exposes her.  

We will continue to be the voice for the animals Marlowe allowed to be abused and tortured at her Tehachapi property.

Susan Marlowe continues to call herself an animal lover?  Really?  As long as Susan Marlowe hides behind animal ‘rescues’ – we will continue to expose the side of Marlowe she doesn’t want you to see..

Susan Marlowe harbored a horrific felony convicted animal abuser named Cynthia Gudger aka Anita Gilbert aka Barbara Ryan…here is another news story Marlowe doesn’t want you to see…

Susan Marlowe CPA – Documented FRAUD #6 – Where did the $10,000.00 end up?

Susan Marlowe’s documented fraudulent and criminal activities hurt people and animals.

Where did the over $10,000.00 meant  for a fraudulent non-profit animal ‘sanctuary’ that Susan Marlowe started for her fugitive ‘rescue’ partner, convicted felon and animal abusing client, Cynthia Gudger aka Anita Gilbert aka Barbara Ryan, end up? Better yet, how did Marlowe and Gudger collect over $10,000.00?

Union Bank figured out that Susan Marlowe’s and Cynthia Gudger’s, Mommie Cats Little Ones, was fraud and ‘Barbara Ryan’ was an aka Marlowe and Gudger used to open the account and lie to Riverside County authorities, courts AND a judge.

Was Barbara Ryan another identity stolen by these swindlers?

Here is a copy of the letter Union Bank sent with the check for over $10,000.00 they returned to the animal abusers that was originally set up by the animal abusers…

Dave Vago aka Cole Storribro

Here is a recent photo of Dave Vago of Simi Valley, California, we found on the internet.  Dave Vago hid behind a FB page he created and called ‘Cole Storribro’ from 2011-2019.  The photo Vago used for his ‘Cole Storribro’ profile was a mugshot of a convicted felon he obtained from the internet.  He used this Cole Storribro FB page to harass, bully and intimidate former Chihuahua Rescue volunteers who turned his BFF, Kimi Peck, into authorities for animal related abuse, neglect and hoarding.  As we stated, Dave Vago also used the ‘Cole Storribro’ profile to friend young peeps, mainly teenage-age girls, according to  ‘Cole Storribro’ ‘friends’ list.  We are not sure how Vago would feel or if he would even care, if his own teenage daughter was FB friends with a middle-aged man hiding behind a convicted felon profile picture.  

We attached a current picture of Dave Vago and also the mugshot he stole and used to bully people on the internet.  

Dave Vago, Simi Valley, California, resident….Vago’s Disturbing Activities

Meet Dave Vago, 54, a Simi Valley, California, resident.  Dave Vago uses many aliases including  ‘Dave Ross’, ‘Dave Frangipane’ and a very disturbing alias, ‘Cole Storribro’.  This picture of Dave Vago is from 2007.  

Sourcing the following to Dave Vago’s FB page, Cole Storribro – and interviews Dave Vago gave to numerous media outlets using the alias, Dave Frangipane, while representing the fraudulent ‘rescue’, Chihuahua Rescue Beverly Hills, run by Vago’s good friend, accused serial animal hoarder, Kimi Peck.

8It appears Dave Vago’s aliases served and continues to serve an ‘important’ purpose in continuing to mislead the public into believing Kimi Peck is a legitimate rescuer and her many fraudulent rescues are legitimate.  Each alias used by Dave Vago, has also played  an ‘important’ role in making sure Dave Vago didn’t have to use his real name in what appears to be misleading and disturbing/harassing activities.

Dave Vago aka Dave Frangipane.    ‘Dave Frangipane’, is the alias Vago uses when ‘representing’ the fraudulent and non-existent Kimi Peck animal ‘rescue’, Chihuahua Rescue Beverly Hills.  It’s also the alias he uses when responding to correspondence sent to the fraudulent Chihuahua Rescue website.  Vago is also the longtime Chihuahua Rescue website ‘webmaster’.  Vago’s alias, Dave Frangipane’s ‘job’ title is Chihuahua Rescue Beverly Hills senior coordinator – and he used this name and job title when he gave interviews to a number of media outlets who were duped by Vago and Peck.

Dave Vago aka Cole Storibbo .  Dave Vago created and uses the ‘Cole Storribro’ alias on a FB page Vago created in 2011 to not only harass, bully and intimidate former Chihuahua Rescue volunteers, this profile links a number of blogs Kimi Peck and Dave Vago created bashing former volunteers and also depicts Kimi Peck as a victim.  What’s also very disturbing is it appears Vago decided to use, as his profile pic, on his ‘Cole Storribro’ FB profile, a mugshot, he stole, of an African American male.  Vago’s friends on this FB page are very young peeps, mainly young school-age females.  

We attached a few of the many screenshots we took from the Cole Storribro FB page before Dave Vago quickly removed it.  Even though it was up since 2011, as soon as Vago learned he was outed on May 6, 2019, he quickly removed the Cole Storribro FB page.  Poof.  We are assuming he didn’t want his friends, family and fellow church-goers to see Dave Vago’s ‘other side’.

The picture of Dave Vago attached is from 2007.  We will be posting a more current picture of Vago.  We believe it’s important that his picture is shown for a few reasons.  His harassing activities and the fact it appears he might be pulling dogs from shelters for Kimi Peck, who is on many DNA lists.  


Beverly Hills CPA, Susan Marlowe’s, animal ‘sanctuary’

These are the police photos taken when Susan Marlowe’s ‘rescue’ Partner, career felon, fugitive and felony animal abuser, Cynthia Gudger, was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty while living in a warehouse on Marlowe’s Tehachapi property.  Susan Marlowe started a fraudulent non-profit Rescue for fugitive, Cynthia Gudger, called Mommie Cats Little Ones.  Everything is documented!  Susan Marlowe, according to documentation Susan Marlowe filed with a number of government agencies, committed numerous crimes.  Fraud and animal cruelty.  

Susan Marlowe aka Susan Marlow FRAUDULENT activities

Susan Marlowe’s documented fraud.  Signing fraudulent paperwork under penalty of perjury.  How much money has Marlowe made from abusing animals?  Allowing animals to live in horrific conditions on her property with a felony convicted animal abuser.  

Has Susan Marlowe ever met L. Otto?  Marlowe, under penalty of perjury, claimed L. Otto is her mother.  Really, Susan Marlowe?  FRAUD


Kimi Peck’s Many More Lawsuits 2010-2013

MANY MORE lawsuits Kimi Peck was involved with in Kern County: She was evicted from three Kern County properties due to animal hoarding! Two of her neighbors sued her due to harassment. When Peck finally was forced out of Kern County, she moved to Phelan and continued to fight with locals there, including one of her biggest supporters, Megan Dodson’s, mother.

Civil Case Information (4 total records, displaying 1-4 records.) Case Number Party Name Party Type Case Title Case Type Filing Date M-1502-CL-17673 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT MARLOWE V PECK UNLAWFUL DETAINER 1/19/2010 M-1502-CL-20985 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. VS PECK UNLAWFUL DETAINER 10/25/2012 S-1500-CV-266800 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT BENEDICT V PECK OTHER CIVIL PETITION 3/30/2009 S-1500-CV-268999 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT GOLAND VS. PECK OTHER CIVIL COMPLAINT 12/1/2009 Criminal Case Information – Case Details criminal case information/calendar menu / defendant search / search results / case details ——————————————————————————– Defendant Information: Name: PECK, KIMI Birth Year: 1949 ——————————————————————————– Case Information: Court Case #: MM067257A Filing Date: 12/02/09 Related Case #: NONE Arrest Date: 01/29/10 Bail Amount: $40000.00 Bail Status: N/A Bail Type: N/A ——————————————————————————– Charges/Dispositions Count Type Code Section Charge Description Charge Disposition Disposition Date 001 M PC 597F PERMIT ANIMAL TO GO W/O CARE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 12/21/09 002 I CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE PLED NOLO CONTENDERE 07/22/10 003 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 004 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 005 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 006 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 007 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 008 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 009 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 010 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 011 M PC 853.7 FAIL TO APPEAR AFTER WRITTEN PROMISE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 012 M PC 1320(A) FAILURE TO APPEAR ON MISDEMEANOR CHARGE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 Sentence Information CHARGE FINE AMOUNT CO 7.08.030(E) 209.00 MISC. FEES 35.00 FINE TOTALS 244.00 Scheduled Hearings ** None found ** Aliases Defendant name PECK, KIMI Aliases ** None ** Back to Top Small Claims Case Information (2 total records, displaying 1-2 records.) Case Number Party Name Party Type Case Title Case Type Filing Date M-1502-CS-7545 PECK, KIMI DEFENDANT TACADINA V PACK SMALL CLAIMS 6/25/2008 M-1502-CS-7871 PECK, KIMI PLAINTIFF PECK VS BENEDICT SMALL CLAIMS 3/10/2010