If a woman is found unfit in a Court of Law (according to her son) to be a mother, how can she be ‘fit’ to care for hundreds of animals? Thanks to Chris G who offered some insight on his ‘lack’ of relationship with his animal hoarding mother, Kimi Peck. We are posting this because we think it’s important for people to see that Peck abandoned her own two sons and now her granddaughter. She’s done the same to many animals. Let’s stop her from neglecting anymore!

Some of Chris G’s statement. Though he gave us permission to use his last name, we decided not to because he is such a nice guy. Oh, Chris was raised by his father and stepmother. Chris said his stepmom was great! Thanks, Chris! "I think it’s definitely obvious though that she has problems… Well there were certainly times when her house in Burbank that I would stay in when I was younger over the summer months was more than disgusting…I think it’s definitely obvious though that she has problems and also the psyche of a child that wants to get her way but can’t…I met that lady Janet a couple years ago and she was such a strange woman…It never really occured to me at a young age that there was anything wrong with the animals situation but now that I think back to it it’s pretty obvious…And to be honest I don’t really want a relationship with her anymore because it always seems to be more trouble then it’s worth…Yeah I really doubt she will be getting any help for her problems because she has lived in a weird state of denial all of her life and I doubt she is about to change any of that sometime soon…No Kimi never had custody over either of us because it was pretty much proven in court that she was unfit to be a mother…she didn’t even take care of her flesh and blood animals let alone some little dogs. "


Thanks to everybody who has sent e-mails to Hoardingchihuahuas alerting us that Kimi Peck is actively and desperately seeking donations and animals to keep up her animal hoarding lifestyle AND addiction! Please, do NOT give Kimi Peck or anybody associated with her money and/or especially animals. We must not forget about Peck’s history of hoarding and alleged abuse/neglect – Remember this: Nearly Blind Chihuahua and Almost 200 Other Animals Now Safe – At Chihuahua Rescue in Tehachapi, Calif., The Humane Society of the United States and Kern County Animal Control rescued approximately 150 dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to border collies, 18 cats, 10 chickens, and several rabbits. The dogs will be available for adoption at the Sacramento SPCA. One small long-haired Chihuahua named George especially tugged at the rescuers’ heartstrings. A veterinarian discovered that his eyes were so badly infected that he was nearly blind. In spite of what must have been confusing changes that he couldn’t see, George gave friendly kisses and trusting tail wags to everyone who handled him. This rescue was a success for George and the other animals, but we rescued more animals in distress this week in Montana, and there will be more after that.

Thanks to the wonderful Angels for Animals Network for alerting the world about animal hoarder, Kimi Peck! **SO CAL DNA/DNR ALERT** KIMI PECK, of disgusting chihuahua hoarding fame is back on the rescue scene with a new FB page called "Chihuahua Rescue Beverly Hills". PLEASE DO NOT give this woman dogs, pull for her, fake adopt for her, etc. …DO NOT help her obtain any more pups. Simple Google check turns up all you need to know about Ms Peck’s "rescue" standards and practices. Please ‘flag/report’ her FB page and PM Angels for Animals Network immediately if you see her on any of our threads so we can ban her. Thank you and please help keep animals out of dangerous irresponsible hands. xx

Kimi Peck’s THE DOG ANGELS continues to ‘rake in the dough’

Even though Peck claimed over and over again to news reports and government officials that she was NOT operating a kennel in her ‘home/warehouse’ housing over 200 animals since 2006, according to tax returns filed by ‘volunteer’ accountant SUSAN MARLOWE, CPA, from 2006 through 2009, the Dog Angels aka Chihuahua Rescue made over $700,000.00 in donations. However, the last tax return filed by Susan Marlowe, CPA, in 2009, Dog Angels made close to $80,000.00…even though Peck claimed most of the over 200 dogs were ‘special needs’, Peck spent less than $300.00 on vet services. Peck spent the majority of the donated money for the animals on herself. The tax return also claimed ’25 dogs were adopted out’. Marlowe claimed the number was so low because Peck was moving to ‘another part of Los Angeles’. Los Angeles wants to know where in their county Peck is and has been operating a kennel since she was legally forced out in 2005… In other words, Peck has been operating illegally…