KIMI PECK IN JAIL article by James Burger

Kimi Peck in jail Animal Rescuer Kimi Peck, who missed a court hearing Monday in Mojave, was arrested Friday evening and booked in the Sheriff’s downtown jail in Bakersfield on bail of $40,000. The hearing was on misdemeanor charges — brought by the Kern County Animal Control Department — of failing to license the 200 dogs which she cares for on property on Bear Valley Road in Tehachapi. Peck is also in legal hot water with the Kern County Engineering and Survey Services Department — which has ruled Peck has failed to get a conditional use permit which is required to operate her animal shelter on Bear Valley Road.

Kimi Peck ARRESTED!!!!!

Display In-Custody Inmate For more information about this inmate, contact the arresting agency (per Gov’t Code 6254). Inmate Name: PECK, KIMI Inmate Number: SO1884829 Date of Birth: 12/28/1949 ID Process complete? NO Inmate Location: Central Receiving Facility Facility and Visiting Information Arrest Date/Time: 01/29/10 07:31 PM Total Bail Amount: $40,000.00 Anticipated Release Date: ** PENDING ** WARNING: Release date may be subject to change without notice Next Hearing Date/Time: 02/02/10 09:00 AM Next Hearing Location: East Division – Mojave – Div/Dept IC

Animal Abuser Cynthia Gudger Plea Bargains – Welcome to Kern County, HOARDER’S HAVEN

Not surprising that Kern County slaps Gudger on the wrist for HORRIFIC ANIMAL CRUELTY. Literally. She just got away with major animal abuse. DA Michael Yraceburn believes this was a victory? What planet is he from? Just another confirmation why Kern County is known as a HOARDER’S HAVEN. Let’s hope that the Federal Government puts her behind bars for years for all of her alleged illegal activities. Here’s the story from KGET.

Tehachapi animal hoarder accepts plea deal Last Update: 1/27 7:45 pm Print Story | ShareThis Anita Gilbert (KGET 2008) A Tehachapi woman pleaded no contest Wednesday to five counts of animal cruelty amid charges she hoarded dozens of dogs and cats at her home. Cynthia Gudger has spent more than two years in custody on the charges already. She was committed to Patton State Hospital in April after being declared not competent to stand trial. A doctor declared this month that she was now competent to stand trial and she was returned to Kern County. She faces an additional three years of potential prison time as part of the plea deal reached with prosecutors during a pre-preliminary hearing Wednesday, according to Supervising Deputy District Attorney Michael Yraceburn. "I consider it a victory for the animals that she will no longer be able to harm," Yraceburn said. "For those animals that survived, they have gone to good homes and we have insured that this will not happen again." Kern County Animal Control officers raided Gudger’s Tehachapi home in July 2008 and found at least 60 neglected pets and 14 dead animals in a freezer. In a jailhouse interview the next day, Gudger told 17 News she never mistreated her pets. But after missing a court date and running from authorities for months, Gudger was arrested again by a bail bondsman in Reseda. The bondsman reported he found Gudger had rented numerous apartments and been issued credit cards under about 10 different names. A man from northern California said one of the names belonged to his sister, Anita Gilbert. "For us, we hope that other criminal hoarders understand that we will pursue these cases," Yraceburn said. "We will not go away and we will pursue you until we achieve resolution of the matter."

40,000.00 Warrant Out for Kimi Peck’s Arrest!

Self proclaimed animal ‘rescuer’, Kimi Peck, decides to NOT show up for her scheduled criminal court date. Ms. Peck’s been in trouble with the law enough times to know she MUST show up. Now there is a warrant for Ms. Peck’s arrest. Whatever excuse she throws Kern County’s way, we are sure they will buy it. Remember, Kern County is a Hoarder’s Haven and a safe haven for animal hoarders like Kimi Peck…

Criminal Case Information – Case Details criminal case information/calendar menu / defendant search / search results / case details ——————————————————————————– Defendant Information: Name: PECK, KIMI Birth Year: 1949 ——————————————————————————– Case Information: Court Case #: MM067257A Filing Date: 12/02/09 Related Case #: None Arrest Date: N/A Bail Amount: $40000.00 Bail Status: N/A Bail Type: N/A ——————————————————————————– Charges/Dispositions Count Type Code Section Charge Description Charge Disposition Disposition Date 001 M PC 597F PERMIT ANIMAL TO GO W/O CARE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 12/21/09 002 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 003 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 004 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 005 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 006 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 007 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 008 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 009 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 010 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE 011 M PC 853.7 FAIL TO APPEAR AFTER WRITTEN PROMISE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 12/07/09 012 M PC 1320(A) FAILURE TO APPEAR ON MISDEMEANOR CHARGE

James Burger Blog Comments re: Kimi Peck, Susan Marlowe and Janet Wingfield

Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe will hopefully be behind bars SOON…just like their poor rescue animals. However, until this happens, animal ‘rescuers’ Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe will continue to claim their apparent fraudulent activities and well, animal cruelty is something ‘made up’ because these two animal ‘rescuers’, claim they are victims of a witch hunt. They made this ‘witch hunt’ clear in the County Board of Supervisors and avoided questions about their illegal activities… Read James Burger’s blog

Peck at Supervisors Kern County Supervisors will hear the case of animal rescuer Kimi Peck in just a bit here. Kimi Peck and her attorney and a supporter are here for the hearing. Leave Comment Subscribe to comments Posted in these Groups: Topics: posted by Jburger on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 02:26 PM Report a Violation Viewed 23 times 7 comments from 1 users <Reverse Sort Order> 1 posted by Jburger on Jan 5, 2010 at 02:38 PM The hearing on Peck has begun. Engineering and Survey Services Director Chuck Lackey is making his report to the board. "We have determined that the keeping of approximately 170 dogs is not incidental to the use of the residential site," Lackey said. That means, basically, that the dogs aren’t there because Peck lives there but Peck lives there so she can keep the dogs there. That, Lackey said, is a violation of county ordinances. "She was informed that she could not keep the animals on the property unless she got a conditional use permit," Lackey said. Report Violation posted by Jburger on Jan 5, 2010 at 02:43 PM Peck told the county this morning that she removed around 40 dogs At the previous hearing Peck argued that the pets are her personal property, Lackey said, and that she is keeping old, injured and unwanted animals to live out their lives. That is, Lackey said, the definition of an animal shelter according to county law. "The housing of the animals has become the primary use of the property," Lackey said. To maintain a shelter on the property, Lackey said, Peck has to have a conditional use permit. But she has refused to apply for one. Even if the license issue is resolved that does not resolve the land use problems on the property, Lackey said. Report Violation posted by Jburger on Jan 5, 2010 at 02:58 PM Peck is arguing that county ordinances "Stop this witch hunt. Don’t make me sue you. Stop these fines now," Peck said. "How much did Michael Goland pay you." (Michael Goland is Susan Marlowe’s ex-husband and Peck has repeatedly accused county officials of being paid off by Goland to harass her.) Pecks calling the board corrupt and "unbelieveably cruel." "Just try and fine me," she dared supervisors. "try." Property owner Susan Marlowe up to speak. She said the ordinance allows the breeding and raising of animals is allowed on the property. Note: Peck said in the hearing that the animals are old and unlovely and are just on the property to live out their lives. Report Violation posted by Jburger on Jan 5, 2010 at 03:01 PM Marlowe said she has eviction proceedings started against Peck. Janet Wingfield, Kimi Peck’s supporter, is speaking. "I think she has been chased down like a rabid dog," Wingfield said. Report Violation posted by Jburger on Jan 5, 2010 at 03:07 PM "There is conspiracy against Ms. Peck," Wingfield said. Wingfield is accusing the county of conspiring with people who destroyed a water tank on Peck’s Water Canyon Road property. She’s accusing county animal control officers of falsifying court documents to try and get Kimi Peck. She and Peck both acused Supervisor Don Maben of vowing to get Kimi Peck in any way possible. Report Violation posted by Jburger on Jan 5, 2010 at 03:14 PM It’s back to staff. Ted James is speaking. He said Marlowe’s comments about animal breeding is in ordinances Before Peck left the Water Canyon Road property, James said, he and Lackey made it very clear that zone "She acknowledged that she needed to get a conditional use permit," James said. "There is no witch hunt. There is no sidestepping." Lackey said Peck is arguing that animal control regulations allow her to choose between licensing her dogs and getting a conditional use permit. But the county is arguing that she is violating land use laws — not animal control laws. They brought action against Peck, Lackey said, because "It appeared that Ms. Peck was ignoring our requirements to comply." "She moved to another piece of property and we started all over again," he said. He said they want Peck to keep the animals. But they also want her to comply with county zoning laws. Report Violation posted by Jburger on Jan 5, 2010 at 03:26 PM "We wouldn’t be here today if you had listened to staff and applied for a conditional use permit," Maben told Peck. "You picked a good location to move your dogs to." He called for a $5,000 fine against both Peck and Marlowe and an ongoing $500 fine against both – but freeze the penalty for 30 days to give Peck a chance to apply for a conditional use permit. "Why would I get a permit on a house I don’t own," Peck shouted from the audience. She said the house she lives in was sold at auction Tuesday morning. But Maben said he does not have that fact in evidence and can’t rely on it to make a decision today. County lawyer Bruce Divelbiss recommended that the supervisors might push back action on the issue until more information is produced. Peck just about got removed from the building by the Sheriff’s deputy in the back because she talked over supervisors and refused to leave the podium. There should be due notice for any buyer of the property, Lackey said. Supervisors delayed the issue until Feb. 9.


James Burger is a top notch writer for the Bakersfield Californian who continues to keep animal hoarders in the news in Bakersfield. For that, animal lovers THANK JAMES BURGER! Here is Mr. Burger’s latest article…

Animal "rescuer" continues to dog county supes BY JAMES BURGER, Californian staff writer | Sunday, Jan 03 2010 02:17 PM Last Updated Sunday, Jan 03 2010 02:18 PM Peck’s current home on Bear Valley Road has a bad history. In July 2008, Kern County Animal Control officers found accused animal abuser Cynthia Gudger living in the warehouse on the property with a menagerie of starving cats and dogs. The building was piled with trash, feces and animal corpses. Peck’s accountant, Susan Marlowe, had allowed Gudger to live there under the alias Anita Gilbert and had helped Gudger get control of animals that had been seized from her in Hemet by Riverside County Department of Animal Services officers when she was living under the name Barbara Ryan. Gudger fled animal abuse charges after making bail in Kern County but was recaptured, returned to court and was ruled incompetent to stand trial before being placed in a mental health facility in April. Peck moved into the home in June. Tehachapi animal rescuer Kimi Peck will face a $5,000 fine and a $500-a-day penalty when she is called on the carpet before the Kern County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. She should be on familiar ground. Peck was fined $5,000 in July for exactly the same offense she faces Tuesday — running a kennel without a permit on land zoned for agriculture. She currently keeps around 170 dogs — mostly chihuahuas — in a home she rents from her Beverly Hills accountant, Susan Marlowe, on Bear Valley Road west of Tehachapi. That home sits just a six-mile drive from the multi-level house on Water Canyon Road where Peck had kept the dogs until June 23. Peck moved from Water Canyon to Bear Valley Road just hours before a two month deadline to get the animals off the property or earn a conditional use permit to operate a kennel there expired. If Peck hadn’t moved, she would have faced a $500-a-day fine for more than 60 days of delay. But county reports state that, within three days of Peck’s move to Bear Valley Road, county code compliance officers confirmed she needed a conditional use permit to shelter her animals there as well. The code enforcement process against Peck began all over again. County Engineering and Survey Services Director Chuck Lackey and then-Planning Director Ted James met with Peck in July and ordered her to get a conditional use permit. She asked them for more time to deal with the problem — at the same time she promised Kern County Animal Control Director Guy Shaw she would be moving out of Kern County with her dogs. "She had told me she’s moving out of the county," Shaw said at the time. "She told me that she bought a piece of property but escrow won’t close until August." But in late August, according to an Engineering and Survey Services report, an attorney representing Peck wrote to the county arguing that Peck was not in violation of any law. County officials wrote back, outlining the tax filings and evidence from various rescue websites maintained by Peck, that show she is operating either a kennel or an animal shelter on her property — both of which are a violation of land use law in the county’s opinion. That was the same evidence that convinced supervisors to fine Peck in June for violations on Water Canyon Road. County officials told Peck’s attorney she must apply for a conditional use permit by Oct. 1 or face further penalties. Peck did not apply for the permit. So county officials started the process of bringing the violations to supervisors. While that process was going on, Peck got in more trouble. Peck has argued, in the past, that she is simply an animal owner with a large number of dogs — an argument that, if true, would eliminate the need for a conditional use permit. County officials don’t buy her argument. But if it is true, then Peck is required to license every one of her dogs. She has, according to Shaw, failed to meet that requirement. In December, Peck was charged in Mojave court with nine counts of failing to license her dogs. In the meantime, Peck’s accountant and the owner of the Bear Valley Road property, Marlowe, has filed for bankruptcy, county officials report. On Tuesday at 2 p.m. the whole mess will come before supervisors. The engineering department is asking for the same fine they requested from supervisors in March and April — a $5,000 fine and a $500 a day penalty until Peck seeks a conditional use permit or moves. This time the penalties are also aimed at Peck’s accountant as well. Peck did not respond to messages left on phone numbers for her animal rescue organization