Cynthia Gudger’s warrant from 2004 ‘USA VS. GUDGER’

HOARDINGCHIHUAHUAS HAS OBTAINED A COPY OF THE WARRANT AND IS IN THE GALLERY SECTION/ARREST PICTURES….Government couldn’t find Gudger because she was living as Barbara Ryan, Mary Barrera, Anita Gilbert, Elizabeth Neuffer and other stolen identities. They know where she is now…IN JAIL. They also know she is involved in Aggrivated Identity Theft. She is also involved in stealing neighbors and others health insurance cards and obtaining prescriptions using these cards. Ms. Gudger’s targets? The elderly, the deceased and animals. Ms. Gudger claims to have terminal cancer since 1993 and uses oxygen tanks, walkers and wheel chairs as props. She even shaves her head on occassion to give it another effect. Ms. Gudger can run like an ox if she needs to. CYNTHIA GUDGER…WE HOPE YOU ROT IN YOUR CELL!!!!!


This is interesting. Hoardingchihuahuas obtained the articles of incorporation papers (we will be posting soon) filed for MOMMIE CATS LITTLE ONES, an animal welfare organization. Who filed these papers? Susan Marlowe, CPA, in January of 2007. According to the paperwork, Marlowe wrote as one of the contacts ‘LYNDA LOYAL’. The mailing address just happens to be the same mailing address used by Cynthia Gudger in Tehachapi and Gudger’s aliases. This non-profit was started in January of 2007, while Cynthia Gudger was on the run from Riverside Authorities for being accused of the worst form of animal cruelty they had ever seen. How do we know Cynthia Gudger is involved? Well, besides the fact it was HER TEHACHAPI ADDRESS…’Barbara Ryan’, one of Gudger’s aliases and the name she used in Riverside, was the alias who was in charge of the banking for MOMMIE CATS LITTLE ONES. Susan Marlowe, CPA, has some explaining to do. Marlowe is already claiming ‘she had NO idea’. The problem Susan Marlowe has is she has done so much for Cynthia Gudger, including giving Ms. Gudger animals to torture. Ms. Marlowe even used Gudger’s aliases on documentation that Susan Marlowe signed under penalty of perjury. We’re not buying it, Susan Marlowe, and we hope the CPA board doesn’t either! There is no excuse whatsoever for what Ms. Marlowe has done for Ms. Gudger. Many animals have died because of Marlowe’s lies (Riverside Court documents will be posted on this website soon). In addition to being a CPA, Ms. Marlowe, herself, claims to be a ‘rescuer’, too. Yes, she does have a non-profit just like her clients, Kimi Peck and Cynthia Gudger. It’s obvious that anybody can start a non-profit; however, it takes real animal lovers to call themselves RESCUERS. We pray that these ‘rescuers’ are STOPPED before more animals are killed.


Poor animals having to live with an animal hoarder who can’t even follow the rules. Kimi Peck claims she is operating a business out of Beverly Hills and NOT Tehachapi, even though her non-profit tax returns are paying for everything from her Tehachapi mortgage and all related expenses to her automobiles. So, why is she claiming Beverly Hills? Because Peck’s account, Susan Marlowe, who has an office she shares with other accountants in a modest office building in the outskirts of Beverly Hills, is collecting monies from unsuspecting donors for Kimi Peck’s illegal kennel. We found out that Kimi Peck, or any of her non-profit board members, does NOT have a licensed kennel in either Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. Los Angeles, however, was very familar with Kimi Peck and they said the chances of her ever being able to acquire a kennel license in their county again is zilch. They also confirmed she is still on their DNA (do not adopt) list, 3 years after she was kicked out of their county. Cynthia Gudger (and her aliases, who ‘run’ MOMMIE CATS LITTLE ONES, another ‘rescue’ client of Susan Marlowe, also uses the same Beverly Hills address…Seems like these birds all flock together…WE’RE JUST SAYIN…