Please visit As we have said a number of times, Cindy Bemis, another Kern County, in our opinion, HOARDER has been kick out of Los Angeles County. Ms. Bemis, like many other ‘rescuers’ who have been kicked out of other counties due to animal cruelty/neglect, decide to move their operation to, what many hoarders feel is a safe haven…KERN COUNTY. These ‘rescuers’ then set up shop in Kern County. Why are these ‘rescuers’ relocating to Kern County when other counties legally kick them out? Why is Kern County allowing Cindy Bemis to keep animals in her possession while she is awaiting trial for animal cruelty? KERN COUNTY…AGAIN…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CRAP MOVING INTO YOUR COMMUNITY AND SETTING UP SHOP IN YOUR COMMUNITY… IT’S OBVIOUS THAT KERN COUNTY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ANIMALS. IF THEY DID, THEY WOULD NOT BE REGARDED AS A HOARDER’S HAVEN.