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What????? Are you for real, Kern County?????

Susan Marlowe harbored an animal abusing fugitive for close to two (2) years on her Tehachapi property without the proper kennel permits. Susan Marlowe also allowed ‘rescuer’, Kimi Peck, to operate an illegal kennel on this same Tehachapi property. Ms. Marlowe filed what appears to be fraudulent documentation pertaining to this same property… For all of this, Ms. Marlowe, Kern County will reward you with a CUP Permit to operate a legal kennel!

We are talking about Kern County here, a Hoarder’s Haven; however, finding many dead and sick animals on Ms. Marlowe’s property one would think this would raise some red flags? Not in Kern County…

Charlotte Spadaro – ‘Keep The Excuses Comin’, Ms. Spadaro!


Ex-mayor admits not licensing hundreds of dogs kept at Riverside property More than 200 dogs that allegedly did not have their tags were seized by Riverside County Animal Services officers during a Feb. 10, 2009 inspection of a property Spadaro leased at 5930 Jasmine St. By Staff, City News Service Wednesday, August 11, 2010 comment print page text size Former Beverly Hills Mayor Charlotte Spadaro testified today that many of the unlicensed dogs found on property she leased belonged to other people and were being boarded until other arrangements could be made. More than 200 dogs that allegedly did not have their tags were seized by Riverside County Animal Services officers during a Feb. 10, 2009 inspection of a property Spadaro leased at 5930 Jasmine St. During questioning at her non-jury trial on charges of violating Riverside’s dog licensing regulations, Spadaro acknowledged that her kennel license application to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services — with which Riverside contracts — was denied before the raid. Superior Court Judge Michele Levine asked Spadaro who was responsible for most of the dogs on the property. “The rescuers put the dogs there,” replied Spadaro. “We boarded the dogs. That was the purpose of the kennel.” Spadaro, 69, explained that some of the dogs were bound for “foster care” or the homes of rescuers. Levine asked whether Spadaro had ever done “anything to attain” licenses for the animals, to which she replied “no.” Spadaro also testified that she did not keep records of how many dogs she had, where they had been found or who had brought them to the property. “There are no records except what I can remember,” she said. Spadaro, Beverly Hills’ mayor from 1986-87 during a four-year term on its City Council, is charged with 30 violations of Riverside’s municipal code, which requires dogs more than four months old to be licensed and have had rabies vaccinations. Spadaro was originally charged with 242 infractions, but the bulk of the counts were dropped “in the interest of justice and judicial economy,” Deputy City Attorney Brandon Mercer said. If found guilty of all the charges, Spadaro, an attorney, could be fined nearly $3,000, according to Mercer. The trial lasted about two hours this afternoon. Levine is expected to decide the case after the prosecution and defense submit their closing statements in writing later this month. Spadaro, a self-proclaimed animal rescuer who lives in Redlands, is also facing 16 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty in a separate case filed by the District Attorney’s Office. The charges are tied to the April 24 seizure of 24 dogs, a mother cat and four kittens from a trailer in the 3000 block of Myers Street in Riverside. The animals were living in filth, without provisions, according to the Department of Animal Services. One dog died in the cramped trailer, which allegedly belonged to Spadaro Read more:

Animal League Defense Fund – THANK YOU!


First Strike and You’re Out: A Model Law A Proposal for Mandatory Bans on Contact with Animals Following a Conviction for Animal Neglect or Cruelty Currently, most states have no mandatory requirements keeping those who are convicted of animal abuse crimes away from animals following their convictions. This despite the fact that offenders have demonstrated, through their actions, their utter disregard for the welfare of animals, and that recidivism in some types of animal abuse cases can reach 100%. Yet having an animal in one’s life is a privilege, not a right – and with that privilege comes certain responsibilities, including the responsibility of providing adequate care and otherwise not abusing or neglecting the animal. The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s First Strike and You’re Out law provides another tool to help combat animal neglect and cruelty by mandating that those who are convicted of a violation of their state animal protection laws are prohibited from owning or having contact with animals for a set period of time, ranging from five years for a first misdemeanor offense up to the lifetime of the offender following a second felony offense. Enacting a First Strike and You’re Out law in your state will help in the fight against animal neglect and cruelty by keeping offenders away from potential new animal victims, which would, for example, help stem the high rate of recidivism often associated with animal hoarding. This proposal will also help reduce the huge economic toll which repeat offenders impose on their communities – hoarding cases in particular are very costly, often requiring the cooperation of several local agencies. First Strike and You’re Out Law Highlights Separates offenders from potential new victims Will help to reduce future crimes against animals and save limited community resources Those who have been convicted of animal neglect or cruelty have demonstrated, through their actions, their irresponsibility with animals. This justifies having a set period of time where they are not allowed contact with them. Addresses high recidivism rates (near 100%) for certain offenders (i.e. animal hoarders) How You Can Help Animal Advocates: Please contact your state legislators today and ask them to support a First Strike and You’re Out law for those who are convicted of animal neglect or cruelty. Legislators: For more information on ALDF’s model law, or for assistance in drafting a First Strike and You’re Out law for your state, please download the following forms or contact First Strike and You’re Out Model Law: Information (PDF) First Strike and You’re Out Model Law: Text (PDF) ALDF’s complete model law collection can be found in the Resources section of our website.

Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe – Plan of Attack! Avoid criminal charges and hefty fines

Kimi Peck has been allegedly breaking laws for years AND making money from it. Susan Marlowe, ditto. Kimi Peck was facing both criminal charges and hefty fines if she did not comply with the laws of Kern. Susan Marlowe was facing hefty fines. Why? Because Susan Marlowe and Kimi Peck were operating an illegal kennel on Susan Marlowe’s property for over a year. Marlowe’s plan of attack: File Eviction papers against Kimi Peck, get her off of the property, give up 150 dogs to an already struggling SPCA, make everybody believe this was the REAL DEAL – PLUS… KERN COUNTY FILED CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST ANIMAL ‘RESCUER’, KIMI PECK, FOR FAILING TO LICENSE OVER 200 DOGS IN HER ‘CARE’… January 2010 – Marlowe starts an eviction process against Kimi Peck – a process that would take over six (6) months – At the same time, Ms. Marlowe files for a CUP License for this same property – A CUP license is a permit to operate a kennel in Kern County- Hearing for this CUP permit scheduled for August 12, 2010 July 6, 2010 – Peck is supposedly evicted from Marlowe’s property – lots of media stories, Marlowe changes locks. HSUS spends thousands of dollars for trucks to transport Peck’s animals to an already overcrowded and struggling Sacramento SPCA. July 22, 2010 – 2 weeks after she was supposedly evicted from Susan Marlowe’s property, Kimi Peck shows up to court for her criminal case hearing and tells the court she is no longer on Marlowe’s property AND she tells the courts she gave up most of her animals. For this reason, she pleads guilty to one criminal charge and the rest – dismissed on July 22. Over $20,000.00 in fines avoided…again, Ms. Peck made it clear that she was no longer on this property…. July 27, 2010 – Kimi Peck is back on the same Susan Marlowe property she was supposedly evicted from just a few weeks before – living with Kimi Peck? Anywhere between 30-70 dogs (more animals than Kimi Peck can properly care for) WITH Susan Marlowe’s blessing…Ms. Peck claimed that the property she parked her fifth wheel on after the eviction with between 32-60 dogs (Yep, in a fifth wheel), was on fire…adding insult to injury – Kimi Peck gives an interview to a local Tehachapi paper, SMILING FOR THE CAMERA – claiming she lost 2 dogs to this fire July 30, 2010 – Marlowe is now petitioning Kern County asking them to give her an EMERGENCY CUP license so Kimi Peck can operate a kennel…Again, on the property she supposedly just evicted Kimi peck from…We have just learned, however, that Ms. Marlowe never stopped the process she started back in January – meaning the August 12th request for a CUP is still happening…and leaving many to believe this eviction was just a scam operation Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe pulling a fast one on Kern to avoid fines, criminal charges, etc.? Sure looks that way…especially because both Susan Marlowe and Kimi Peck have HISTORIES of breaking many rules and laws… A message to Hoarder’s Haven Kern County… WAKE UP!!!!

Kimi Peck’s criminal case… Criminal Case Information – Case Details criminal case information/calendar menu / defendant search / search results / case details ——————————————————————————– Defendant Information: Name: PECK, KIMI Birth Year: 1949 ——————————————————————————– Case Information: Court Case #: MM067257A Filing Date: 12/02/09 Related Case #: NONE Arrest Date: 01/29/10 Bail Amount: $40000.00 Bail Status: N/A Bail Type: N/A ——————————————————————————– Charges/Dispositions Count Type Code Section Charge Description Charge Disposition Disposition Date 001 M PC 597F PERMIT ANIMAL TO GO W/O CARE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 12/21/09 002 I CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE PLED NOLO CONTENDERE 07/22/10 003 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 004 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 005 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 006 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 007 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 008 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 009 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 010 M CO 7.08.030(E) FAILURE TO FURNISH INFORMATION ON LICENSE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 011 M PC 853.7 FAIL TO APPEAR AFTER WRITTEN PROMISE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 012 M PC 1320(A) FAILURE TO APPEAR ON MISDEMEANOR CHARGE DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/22/10 Sentence Information CHARGE FINE AMOUNT CO 7.08.030(E) 209.00 MISC. FEES 35.00 FINE TOTALS 244.00 Aliases Defendant name PECK, KIMI Aliases ** None ** ****SPCA Sacramento – Was already struggling; however, decided to take on over 150 animals that were living with ‘rescuer’ Kimi Peck. HSUS spent tens of thousands of dollars transporting Peck’s rescues to Sacramento. Did these two non-profits just enable a hoarder and help her avoid paying hefty fines, penalties and face criminal charges? Sure looks that way. No consequences for her illegal actions AGAIN in Kern County. It’s great that the close to 200 animals got out; however, with Ms. Peck’s history, it’s just a matter of time before she’ll have over 200 animals again. Ms. Peck needs to be legally stopped. By helping her avoid legal punishment, this is only hurting the animals… According to reports – over 500,000 animals died in California shelters in 2007 thru present..

Latest News on Self Proclaimed Animal ‘Rescuer’, Charlotte Spadaro

Charlotte Spadaro, self proclaimed animal ‘rescuer’ and animal rights lawyer who represented self proclaimed animal ‘rescuer’, Susan Marlowe, in Riverside County in 2006 (yes, the case where Ms. Marlowe allegedly LIED profusely under oath), has three (3) pending criminal cases stemming from animal abuse…

On July 30, 2010, Ms. Spadaro told the courts she was suffering from a heart condition and we believe there will be many more mysterious illnesses in the coming months because Ms. Spadaro has a number of court hearings scheduled. What other animal ‘rescuers’ suffer health issues right before and/or during their criminal hearing? Chihuahua Rescue and the Dog Angels President, Kimi Peck, told the news media that she was suffering from a heart condition that prevented her from showing up to her own criminal court hearing this year. Ms. Peck was arrested. It appears that the only time Ms. Peck ever suffers from the heart condition is when she is due in court. Ms. Peck was also too ill to file an answer to Julie Feinder’s lawsuit wherein Ms. Feiner sued Ms. Peck for stealing her puppies. Ms. Feiner was awarded close to $30,000.00 in damages. Cynthia Gudger claims to have terminal Cancer since 1993. This terminal cancer is especially ‘active’ during Ms. Gudger’s court hearings. Ms. Gudger claimed she was in Florida receiving treatments for her terminal bone Cancer when her house was raided in Tehachapi in 2008. She told news reporters she was dying and only had a few months to live. Not sure if this is a miracle but Cynthia Gudger is alive and well in Federal prison (though we would bet she’s utilizing the oxygen tank, wheel chair, cane, walker, etc., etc., etc). Chihuahua Rescue associate, Kim Maggio, claimed she was sick and that was why her house was a mess and her animals were allegedly living in squaller when her house was raided earlier this year. Animal cruelty charges were filed against Ms. Maggio.

Only In Kern Would This Happen

Why Animal Hoarder’s flock to Kern County…They can do NO wrong.

Charges dropped against animal hoarder found with 200 dead and dying animals Last Update: 8/06 9:01 pm Print Story | ShareThis The Tulare County District Attorney has released a woman who was found with more than 200 dead, sick and dying animals, many of which came from the Kern County shelter. Linda Baker-Corsigilia is out of jail after 200 or so sick, dying and dead animals were found at her Strathmore property a week ago. Kern County animal shelter employees became suspicious of the woman who frequently went to the shelter to supposedly rescue dogs and cats. Kern County Animal Control Director Guy Shaw says they became suspicious of the so-called rescuer because nothing about her fit the mold of a professional rescue operation. However, a bonafide group vouched for her when shelter called them. Still, Bakersfield animal shelter staff called Tulare County authorities to check it out. Officers found 200 dead and dying animals. About 40 animals were dead, some of which were decomposing in containers. Tulare County sheriff’s deputies said the DA wants the sheriff’s department to do more investigating before they will file animal cruelty charges. Corsiglia’s 16-year-old daughter was also taken into protective custody.

Another Non-Profit Animal ‘Rescuer’ busted in Kern County

Why animal hoarders LOVE Kern County! Most never get caught and when they do…it’s a slap on the wrist – if that…

Kern released animals to woman now accused of cruelty By JAMES BURGER | Monday, Aug 02 2010 05:39 PM Last Updated Monday, Aug 02 2010 05:39 PM Californian staff writer Kern County Animal Control apparently released more than 150 animals to a woman who later was accused of animal cruelty in Tulare County. "We’re hoping that they aren’t the ones they have found deceased," said animal control Director Guy Shaw. It was a tip from Kern County that led Tulare County Animal Control to the remote, rural home where last week it found 140 animals living without basic needs and a dozen animals that had died, the Visalia Times-Delta reported. Though the bad situation was discovered quickly, Shaw said, "I wish we identified it a little sooner." Shaw said his staff had an uneasy feeling about Linda Baker-Corsiglia when the Tulare County woman began rescuing animals from the county’s Bakersfield animal shelter at the beginning of June. Baker-Corsiglia was pulling a lot of animals — cats with litters of kittens and dogs with litters of puppies — using the non-profit number of a Santa Rosa animal rescue group called Countryside Rescue, Shaw said. She pulled from the shelter every week, he said. Shaw’s staff didn’t get a professional vibe from Baker-Corsiglia. Kern County has a list of 140 rescue groups that can pull from county shelters and rescue coordinators and transporters for about 50 or 60 shelters that take animals regularly, Shaw said. Shaw said county animal care workers spend a lot of time helping rescue groups pull animals, get them ready for transport and get them into rescue vehicles for the trip to a new home. Staff let Shaw know something felt wrong about Baker-Corsiglia. Shaw called the president of Countryside Rescue. Looking back, Shaw said, he wished he’d called Tulare County Animal Control first. But he gave Countryside the benefit of the doubt. The group president told Shaw everything was great with Baker-Corsiglia. She had a nice big 10-acre property in Strathmore for the animals and could handle the numbers she was taking. July came around and Baker-Corsiglia continued to pull more and more animals. Kern County Animal Control staff remained concerned. So Shaw called Tulare County Animal Control. The Visalia Times-Delta reported that Tulare County sheriff’s deputies searched Baker-Corsiglia’s property on Road 124 at 1:30 p.m. Thursday after Tulare County animal control officers saw animal carcasses on the property, a horse with no food or water and other animals that were fighting or showing signs of neglect. Animals removed from the residence included dogs, cats, ducks, parakeets, *censored*atiels, a chinchilla and a rooster, the newspaper reported. Baker-Corsiglia was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and child endangerment, the Times-Delta reported, and a 16-year-old juvenile was taken into protective custody. The situation in Tulare illustrates the difficulty faced by Kern County animal control officials who are tasked with collecting unwanted animals but also trying to reduce the number of those animals they must regularly euthanize. "We’re caught in between," Shaw said. Several years ago, Kern County was sued for not working with rescues and for euthanizing animals early. So it has pursued working with rescue groups more aggressively. And in recent years, rescue groups have taken thousands of unwanted animals out of the county shelter before they can be euthanized. But the county runs the risk, Shaw said, of inadvertently releasing animals to people who will not care for them properly. So Kern Country tries to be as aggressive as it can — with limited resources and staff — about finding problems with rescue groups. Shaw said Kern County will not allow anyone affiliated with Countryside Rescue to pull animals from county shelters while it further investigates the relationship between it and Baker-Corsiglia. Phone calls to Countryside Rescue were not answered Monday. The group’s website says it’s closed on

Kimi Peck Claims to Be A VICTIM AGAIN

How many dogs does Kimi Peck still have? 32? 40? 50? Does she have the resources to care for them? It was obvious that dogs rescued from Peck were in need of medical attention. Now Kimi Peck and her ‘volunteer’ accountant, Susan Marlowe, are claiming that Kimi Peck should be allowed to operate an illegal operation because, they claim, Kimi Peck is a victim to the latest Tehachapi fires. Kimi Peck a victim, AGAIN?

To date, Kimi Peck claims to be a victim of the following (IN ADDITION TO THE TEHACHAPI FIRES): -A conspiracy -Burbank Animal Control (the whole department) -Burbank City Attorneys -Former Burbank Volunteers -Former Burbank landlords -Former Burbank neighbors -Former Los Angeles landlords -Former Tehachapi neighbors -County Supervisor Don Maben -Taco Bell -The Malibu Fires in 1993 and 2007 -The Brentwood/Pacific Palisades fires -The Northridge Earthquake in 1994 -Kern County Animal Control officer Julie Sugg -Susan Marlowe’s ex husband -Susan Marlowe (depending on the day) -Basically, if there is a tragedy, expect Kimi Peck to be a victim to it…no matter what it is or where it is…somehow Kimi Peck will claim she’s a victim because she’ll claim she’s trying to save hundreds of animals MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH ‘RESCUER’, KIMI PECK SAY…IN THEIR OPINIONS KIMI PECK FITS THE DESCRIPTION OF AN ANIMAL HOARDER!!!!!! Definition of an Exploiter Hoarder: The Exploiter Hoarder: Tends to have sociopathic characteristics and/or personality disorder •Lacks empathy for people or animals •Rejects authority •Lacks guilt, remorse or social conscience Source: “Animal Hoarding: Structuring interdisciplinary responses to help people, animals and communities at risk,” Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, 2006