Latest News on Self Proclaimed Animal ‘Rescuer’, Charlotte Spadaro

Charlotte Spadaro, self proclaimed animal ‘rescuer’ and animal rights lawyer who represented self proclaimed animal ‘rescuer’, Susan Marlowe, in Riverside County in 2006 (yes, the case where Ms. Marlowe allegedly LIED profusely under oath), has three (3) pending criminal cases stemming from animal abuse…

On July 30, 2010, Ms. Spadaro told the courts she was suffering from a heart condition and we believe there will be many more mysterious illnesses in the coming months because Ms. Spadaro has a number of court hearings scheduled. What other animal ‘rescuers’ suffer health issues right before and/or during their criminal hearing? Chihuahua Rescue and the Dog Angels President, Kimi Peck, told the news media that she was suffering from a heart condition that prevented her from showing up to her own criminal court hearing this year. Ms. Peck was arrested. It appears that the only time Ms. Peck ever suffers from the heart condition is when she is due in court. Ms. Peck was also too ill to file an answer to Julie Feinder’s lawsuit wherein Ms. Feiner sued Ms. Peck for stealing her puppies. Ms. Feiner was awarded close to $30,000.00 in damages. Cynthia Gudger claims to have terminal Cancer since 1993. This terminal cancer is especially ‘active’ during Ms. Gudger’s court hearings. Ms. Gudger claimed she was in Florida receiving treatments for her terminal bone Cancer when her house was raided in Tehachapi in 2008. She told news reporters she was dying and only had a few months to live. Not sure if this is a miracle but Cynthia Gudger is alive and well in Federal prison (though we would bet she’s utilizing the oxygen tank, wheel chair, cane, walker, etc., etc., etc). Chihuahua Rescue associate, Kim Maggio, claimed she was sick and that was why her house was a mess and her animals were allegedly living in squaller when her house was raided earlier this year. Animal cruelty charges were filed against Ms. Maggio.

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