‘Rescuer’, Kimberly Maggio, a Convicted Animal Abuser

Chihuahua Rescue associate, Kimberly Maggio, plead guilty to battery stemming from her ‘animal rescue’ work. She’s also now a convicted animal abuser!

Criminal Case Information – Case Details criminal case information/calendar menu / defendant search / search results / case details ——————————————————————————– Defendant Information: Name: MAGGIO, KIMBERLY ANNE Birth Year: 1960 ——————————————————————————– Case Information: Court Case #: TF005464A Filing Date: 02/10/10 Related Case #: NONE Arrest Date: 02/06/10 Bail Amount: NO BAIL Bail Status: ACTIVE Bail Type: SURETY BOND ——————————————————————————– Charges/Dispositions Count Type Code Section Charge Description Charge Disposition Disposition Date 001 M PC 602.5 ENTER/ETC NONCOMMERCIAL DWELLING PLED NOLO CONTENDERE 03/17/11 002 M PC 243(A) BATTERY ON PERSON PLED NOLO CONTENDERE 03/17/11 003 M PC 243(D) BATTERY W/SERIOUS BODILY INJURY DISM – FURTH. OF JUSTICE 03/17/11 004 M PC 241(A) ASSAULT ON PERSON PLED NOLO CONTENDERE 03/17/11 Sentence Information JAIL/PRISON 7 DAYS, TOTAL CREDIT 0007 TIME SERVED 5 DAYS GOOD BEHAVR 2 DAYS, CONFINEMENT LOCATION JAIL SUMMARY PROBATION GRANTED FOR 3 YRS, ACTION ON BAIL/BOND ACTIVE Scheduled Hearings Notes: 1. For Metropolitan Division cases: If the Div/Dept is 1-17, A-K or T then the Div/Dept is your courtroom number. If the Div/Dept is other than those listed in the previous sentence see the information desk near the escalator for your courtroom number. 2. If a defendant has more than one hearing scheduled for the same date and time, he or she should appear on the felony case first. 3. Calendars for each court may periodically change as court schedules are modified by court personnel. Persons viewing the court calendar assume full responsibility for appearing at the proper date and time and at the proper court irrespective of the information contained herein. Hearing Date/Time Hearing Location Div/Dept Hearing Type 01/12/2011, 10:00AM South Division – Taft A PRETRIAL CONFERENCE 02/10/2011, 10:00AM South Division – Taft A PRETRIAL CONFERENCE 02/10/2011, 10:00AM South Division – Taft A MOTION FOR BAIL REDUCTION 02/14/2011, 10:02AM South Division – Taft A PRETRIAL CONFERENCE 02/14/2011, 10:02AM South Division – Taft A MOTION FOR BAIL REDUCTION 02/22/2011, 10:00AM South Division – Taft A PRETRIAL CONFERENCE 02/22/2011, 10:00AM South Division – Taft A MOTION FOR BAIL REDUCTION Aliases Defendant name MAGGIO, KIMBERLY ANNE Aliases MAGGIO, KIMBERLY MAGGIO, KIMBERLY ANN

Kern County Denies Tia Torres’ Application for a CUP

Not suprised – Kern County is a Hoarder’s Haven and Tia is NOT a hoarder. Tia Torres has a perfect record in Los Angeles’ County regarding her licensed kennel in the 17-years she’s been in business. Always received ‘A’s’ on her inspections. Never had a dog loose. Never had any complaints from neighbors regarding barking dogs. This can all be confirmed.

Ms. Torres applied for a CUP to operate a legitimate operation in Tehachapi (something many well-known hoarders who have set-up hoarding ‘sanctuaries’ never bothered doing). Her application was denied. Tia – FILE AN APPEAL!

Did Animal Hoarder Kimi Peck Finally Open Up Kern County’s Eyes to Animal Hoarding?

Scrivner suggests county might consider limits on animals By: Carin Enovijas and Claudia Elliott Wednesday, March 9, 2011 – 12:50 Should Kern County have limits on the number of animals that may be kept on premises in unincorporated areas? The issue was given cursory consideration by county supervisors in 2009, after Animal Control became flooded with barking dog complaints and animal welfare concerns associated with the 200 dogs that were then housed in a Water Canyon home by controversial rescuer turned hoarder, Kimi Peck. More than a year later, approximately 150 animals were removed by Animal Control from Peck’s rented Bear Valley home after her long-time supporter and landlord, Susan Marlowe, evicted her from the same property once occupied by convicted animal abuser Cynthia Gudger. Kern County 2nd District Supervisor Zack Scrivner said he has had “informal discussions” with the planning director about efforts to establish animal limits within the county. “It’s something that the board as a whole needs to give direction to staff to analyze and to come back with a recommendation,” Scrivner said. Limits should be based on acreage, he said, “also taking into account what type of facilities are on that site.” Scrivner said it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” issue, as the diversity of Kern County’s urban and rural areas accommodate different zoning and land uses.