One of the Hugest enablers of Chi Rescue

I have followed the Chihuahua Rescue story from the start. I volunteered there and I know that this place needed lots of work. Dogs in cages. Dirty cages. So why do some people defend her? Why did one of her hugest enablers "Megan" start a website attacking people for telling the truth? Some of the people we are told not to trust are simply listed as adopters. WOW what a crime. I find it unimaginable that Megan does not take a long hard look in the mirror and remember how she came to CR and sat around doing nothing. I also find it hysterical that she attacks and criticizes people and how unsavory they are, yet a simple search of the internet shows how pure and untainted Megan is. Step back. Way back and look at yourself. Don’t criticize people whose character far exceeds what little you have. Nevermind that picture, your most disgusting trait is you lie through your teeth to defend crappy living conditions for hundreds of little dogs.

My experience

To: Hoardingchihuahuas We read the Article in the March 2005 issue of People magazine that promised over 200 dogs to choose from. We contacted the Chihuahua rescue center in Burbank via the computer, and filled in question after question. My husband and I drove in June to the center and were sure we would come home with an adopted female Chihuahua. We arrived, and we were very surprised to find only:!:: 12 doggies in cages outside in 90 degree weather, with no information, about, age, weight, gender, etc. Young volunteers had no knowledge what the rules were, nor the ability to answer our questions. They made it very clear that Kimmy Peck controlled everything and we had to work with her. After asking to meet Kimmy Peck, we where informed that she was in a meeting, so back to the cages, because we were somewhat interested in 2 Chihuahua’s. One of the doggie’s we couldn’t touch, because it was a ‘mean’ dog, nobody could take it out of the gage without gloves on! The other female I liked, we only could adopt if we also took the brother! We have a male Chihuahua at home, so were not in the market for 2 more doggies! We had just put a sick female to sleep. Finally, after waiting 1 1/2 hours outside in the heat, Ms Peck came in the picture, and I was able to talk to her. During, this long wait in the heat we noticed several other people had given up and just left disgusted and disappointed. I told her about our desire to have a young female Chihuahua. She talked to a woman, and before I realized it, two eight-year.old doggies were shown to us, and that was it, like take it or leave it. It was a female and a male, and I said yes I will take them, even though I didn’t touch them, nor did I see them walking! I was overwhelmed by the whole thing, and did feel sorry for the poor doggies! Ms Peck told us that she herself would bring them the next day (Sunday), in the late afternoon. Exited with having two more doggies, the next day I bought dishes, beds, toys, etc. And my husband stayed home, just in case Ms Peck would be early! We waited the whole day, and at 11 at night without a word or telephone call from Ms. Peck, we realized, she was not coming, no doggies! All week nobody called us with an explanation why Ms. Peck, forgot about us or if or when she was coming. Believe it or not, the next Saturday, we drove again to the Burbank Center, and the same thing happened as before, a few doggies in cages, long waiting, and frustration. This time I was able to go into the office from Ms. Peck (she was not there), and saw a beautiful Chihuahua. I asked a nice lady volunteer if I was able to adopt her. She told me that seven people wanted it and Ms. Peck had the only voice to where a dog went, and with whom! Later on I did see Ms. Peck, and I never discussed about the disaster a week before, but asked her if I could adopt that little Chihuahua in the office! " No she said, I gave her to somebody else". Weill became so emotional about the whole deal and the poor sad dogs, that 1 started to cry, and Ms. Peck looked at me and said with an ice-cold voice, " why are you crying for"? She had no compassion for somebody’s feeling, and the article in the Los Angeles Times July 19 2005, I think she did mention me, but not by name. Ms. Peck was quoted as saying: "I think rescue attracts a lot of how can it say it without being sued? Emotionally unstable people who are passionate about animals". We left and gave up on Ms Peck. It became clear to us that the place was a mess, completely disorganized and with the feeling that she really did not want to give up the dogs. The volunteers were nice and considerate but could not make any decisions and it was obvious that they were disillusioned and frustrated too. The two movie stars mentioned by Ms. Peck, were not knowledgeable about the process that everyone else went through. Yours truly, Christina