Animal Activist, Robyn Berkenfeld’s, Happy Update on Charlie

Robyn Berkenfeld, a lifelong animal lover and activist, helped save hundreds of neglected, unfixed, Hungry and emaciated dogs and cats from a number of high profile animal hoarders and abusers, over the years, Including Kimi Peck, Susan Marlowe and Cynthia Gudger.  Robyn Berkenfeld loves to hear wonderful updates on the animals she helped rescue and save and find loving homes for.  Many of the animals she also rescued had to be placed in reputable rescues.  Meet Charlie, who was close to death, when Cheyenne Animal Shelter rescued him from Kimi Peck  in 2014 .  Robbie from received a call from Robyn the night before Charlie was rescued from Peck and agreed to take Charlie into Paws and Claws loving sanctuary in Diamondville, WY.

Thank you Robbie, Sheri and the rest of the Wonderful volunteers at Paws and Claws in Diamondville, Wyoming and thank you to Robin Berkenfeld for continuing to Be a voice for many animals.  Robyn has also exposed many horrific animal hoarders and abusers, many whom hide behind fraudulent nonprofit animal rescues.