Local animal rescuer again in legal trouble Last Update: 10/16 8:43 pm Animal rescuer Kimi Peck is once again in trouble with the law. It’s the latest chapter in a longstanding battle with animal control, and neighbors of Peck, who say she is hoarding dogs in deplorable conditions. Since 2008, Peck has faced numerous county code compliance and animal control mandates. On Wednesday, she was fined for failing to license and vaccinate dogs 200 dogs on her Tehachapi property. Animal control officers say they had been asking Peck to comply for more than 6-months. But Peck told animal control officers it would cost too much money for her to vaccinate the animals, and failed to follow their orders. Guy Shaw with Kern County Animal Control says this was a last resort. "This isn’t like a fix it ticket or an infraction this is where you’ll have to appear for an arraignment in Mojave and it’s a misdemeanor it’s a little more serious than infractions." Shaw says Peck has also been asked to convert her property into a kennel, which would not require her to pay for licenses and vaccinations. But Shaw says Peck hasn’t done that either. Kimi Peck is set to appear in a Mojave courtroom in December.

Susan Marlowe – MORE FRAUD – using "L. OTTO??????

Hoarding Chihuahuas obtained official paperwork regarding a quick deed on Susan Marlowe’s Tehachapi property (the one where she was harboring Cynthia Gudger and where Kimi Peck is now living and operating a kennel without the proper permits). The Deed (available in the Gallery section next week) states that Susan Marlowe is sharing the property with her ‘mother’, L. Otto. L. Otto is NOT Susan Marlowe’s mother but a woman in her 80’s who is living in Northern California in a nursing home. We also know that Ms. Otto was convicted of animal cruelty in Riverside (this seems to attract Susan Marlowe) and was supposedly running a non-profit rescue called TO LOVE CATS up until about six (6) months ago…