Kimi Peck (need we say more?), Susan Marlowe, CPA, Beverly Hills (Dog At Home, Inc.), Lucille Otto of Riverside (convicted of animal cruelty back in 2001), Charlotte Spadero, Esq. (former Mayor of Beverly Hills and charged with many counts of animal cruelty in Riverside County) and Barbara Ryan aka Anita Gilbert (who is on the run from both Riverside and Kern Counties for Animal Abuse/Cruelty). These women, though appear to be professional, are people you should totally investigate before you give your animal to or donate any monies to. Read more in the posting below.


We know Susan Marlowe is a CPA with an office in Beverly Hills, California. We also know that she just happens to be Kimi Peck’s ‘volunteer’ accountant. We also know that Ms. Marlowe started a non-profit organization in 2004 called DOG AT HOME, INC., to purchase the Burbank house Ms. Peck was living in with a few hundred animals back in 2004 and 2005 (yes, the same house that was legally forced to shut down by Burbank officials because Ms. Peck received so many violations for her rescuing efforts). Ms. Marlowe also collects donations at her Beverly Hills office for Ms. Peck’s many non-profits that she is operating from her home in Tehachapi without the proper permits: Kimi Peck Sanctuary, The Dog Angels and, of course, the infamous Chihuahua Rescue. We are now learning that Ms. Marlowe is claiming to be an animal rescuer herself WITH an actual FACILITY (we would LOVE to find out where this so called FACILITY is located). Hoardingchihuahuas has obtained paperwork from Riverside Courthouse when Riverside Animal Control busted a woman named Barbara Ryan back in 2006 for ANIMAL ABUSE/CRUELTY. Riverside Animal Control raided Ms. Ryan’s home and found animals living in filthy, deplorable, disgusting, etc., conditions. Barbra Ryan immediately took off from Riverside before they were actually able to arrest her – meaning she was now a WANTED WOMAN in Riverside. Who comes to the rescue of Ms. Ryan’s abused/neglected animals now being taken care of at Riverside shelter? None other than SUSAN MARLOWE and her team of MISFITS (we would also like to call them, in our opinion, HOARDING GYSPIES…LUCILLE OTTO who was convicted of animal cruelty in 2001 and CHARLOTTE SPADERO,ESQ. (former Mayor of Beverly Hills who has been charged with MANY MANY violations stemming from Animal Cruelty, etc., including keeping dead animals at her home in Riverside (court date as of now is October 10). It gets better because Charlotte Spadero not only gave her ‘expert’ opinion thru an actual sworn statement on why she believes Ms. Ryan’s animals should be released to Ms. Marlowe and her SO CALLED ANIMAL RESCUE AND FACILITY, Ms. Spadero also offered complimentary legal services in an attempt to get Ms. Ryan’s animals from Riverside Animal Control/Court into proper homes via Ms. Marlowe’s so called animal rescue (all of this happening while Ms. Ryan was on the run). These charged and even convicted animal abusers were able to convince Riverside court to turn over these animals that were taken from an abusive situation and give the animals to Marlowe’s so called RESCUE AND FACILITY (they claimed they would be given to good homes). What happens next? Ms. Marlowe temporarily boarded these animals at two different vet clinics until Marlowe’s so called RESCUE AND FACILITY took them out of the vets care and well, gave them back to the woman who was charged with abusing them AND now has a warrant out for her arrest, Barbara Ryan (who, by the way, now changed her name to Anita Gilbert). Because Barbara Ryan aka Anita Gilbert was on the run from Riverside officials and had no place to live with her many animals, Susan Marlowe purchases a house in Tehachapi (close to her other ‘rescuer’ client, KIMI PECK) and allowed Ms. Ryan aka Gilbert to live in the house with the animals she was charged with abusing in Riverside. So, Ms. Marlowe, we can safely say, was aiding and abetting Ms. Ryan aka Ms. Gilbert. Two (2) years later in Marlowe’s Tehachapi home, Barbara Ryan aka Anita Gilbert gets busted again for animal cruelty/abuse. She was arrested and released on a LARGE bail (gee, we wonder if Marlowe had anything to do with bailing this nutcase out of jail…). Not surprising, Barbara Ryan aka Anita Gilbert did NOT show up for her court hearings in Tehachapi and is on the run AGAIN. Susan Marlowe and her team of misfits are back at it again, this time in Tehachapi, writing sworn statements to Kern County officials attempting to get Barbara Ryan aka Anita Gilbert’s animals into their ‘care’ (yes, the same animals that were living in hoarding conditions). This time, however, they went so far as to claim the animals will go to a rescue located in Lompac, California, run by a woman named Gwen Francis. The problem is, the so-called sworn statement written by Gwen Francis (that was sent from a fax machine 5 miles from Susan Marlowe’s house) is actually a fraudulent document because Gwen Francis claims she did not write this document (her signature was forged) and did not agree to take on Gilbert’s animals. THESE POOR POOR DOGS AND CATS…