New Wonderful Web-Series refers to Kimi Peck’s now shut down illegal Kern County Kennel as a ‘Puppy Mill’

A new great web-series following celebs and their rescues is now on the internet. The following link features Mickey Rourke who talks about rescuing his Chihuahua, Jaws, from Kimi Peck in 2002 (though he referred to Peck as ‘this lady’)…it then cuts to a video of Peck’s Kern County illegal hoarding facility wherein the HSUS rescued 200 animals from Peck in 2010…the producers of the web-series never mentioned Peck’s name but referred to her illegal kennel that Mickey Rourke adopted Jaws from as a ‘puppy mill’ – it was THAT bad. With all of the true negative press and publicity about serial animal hoarder, Kimi Peck – she is still operating as a ‘legitimate’ animal rescuer referring to herself as an animal rescuer extroardinaire dismissing all of the negativity as a ‘conspiracy’.