Cynthia Gudger’s warrant from 2004 ‘USA VS. GUDGER’

HOARDINGCHIHUAHUAS HAS OBTAINED A COPY OF THE WARRANT AND IS IN THE GALLERY SECTION/ARREST PICTURES….Government couldn’t find Gudger because she was living as Barbara Ryan, Mary Barrera, Anita Gilbert, Elizabeth Neuffer and other stolen identities. They know where she is now…IN JAIL. They also know she is involved in Aggrivated Identity Theft. She is also involved in stealing neighbors and others health insurance cards and obtaining prescriptions using these cards. Ms. Gudger’s targets? The elderly, the deceased and animals. Ms. Gudger claims to have terminal cancer since 1993 and uses oxygen tanks, walkers and wheel chairs as props. She even shaves her head on occassion to give it another effect. Ms. Gudger can run like an ox if she needs to. CYNTHIA GUDGER…WE HOPE YOU ROT IN YOUR CELL!!!!!

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