Animal Abuser Cynthia Gudger Plea Bargains – Welcome to Kern County, HOARDER’S HAVEN

Not surprising that Kern County slaps Gudger on the wrist for HORRIFIC ANIMAL CRUELTY. Literally. She just got away with major animal abuse. DA Michael Yraceburn believes this was a victory? What planet is he from? Just another confirmation why Kern County is known as a HOARDER’S HAVEN. Let’s hope that the Federal Government puts her behind bars for years for all of her alleged illegal activities. Here’s the story from KGET.

Tehachapi animal hoarder accepts plea deal Last Update: 1/27 7:45 pm Print Story | ShareThis Anita Gilbert (KGET 2008) A Tehachapi woman pleaded no contest Wednesday to five counts of animal cruelty amid charges she hoarded dozens of dogs and cats at her home. Cynthia Gudger has spent more than two years in custody on the charges already. She was committed to Patton State Hospital in April after being declared not competent to stand trial. A doctor declared this month that she was now competent to stand trial and she was returned to Kern County. She faces an additional three years of potential prison time as part of the plea deal reached with prosecutors during a pre-preliminary hearing Wednesday, according to Supervising Deputy District Attorney Michael Yraceburn. "I consider it a victory for the animals that she will no longer be able to harm," Yraceburn said. "For those animals that survived, they have gone to good homes and we have insured that this will not happen again." Kern County Animal Control officers raided Gudger’s Tehachapi home in July 2008 and found at least 60 neglected pets and 14 dead animals in a freezer. In a jailhouse interview the next day, Gudger told 17 News she never mistreated her pets. But after missing a court date and running from authorities for months, Gudger was arrested again by a bail bondsman in Reseda. The bondsman reported he found Gudger had rented numerous apartments and been issued credit cards under about 10 different names. A man from northern California said one of the names belonged to his sister, Anita Gilbert. "For us, we hope that other criminal hoarders understand that we will pursue these cases," Yraceburn said. "We will not go away and we will pursue you until we achieve resolution of the matter."

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