If a woman is found unfit in a Court of Law (according to her son) to be a mother, how can she be ‘fit’ to care for hundreds of animals? Thanks to Chris G who offered some insight on his ‘lack’ of relationship with his animal hoarding mother, Kimi Peck. We are posting this because we think it’s important for people to see that Peck abandoned her own two sons and now her granddaughter. She’s done the same to many animals. Let’s stop her from neglecting anymore!

Some of Chris G’s statement. Though he gave us permission to use his last name, we decided not to because he is such a nice guy. Oh, Chris was raised by his father and stepmother. Chris said his stepmom was great! Thanks, Chris! "I think it’s definitely obvious though that she has problems… Well there were certainly times when her house in Burbank that I would stay in when I was younger over the summer months was more than disgusting…I think it’s definitely obvious though that she has problems and also the psyche of a child that wants to get her way but can’t…I met that lady Janet a couple years ago and she was such a strange woman…It never really occured to me at a young age that there was anything wrong with the animals situation but now that I think back to it it’s pretty obvious…And to be honest I don’t really want a relationship with her anymore because it always seems to be more trouble then it’s worth…Yeah I really doubt she will be getting any help for her problems because she has lived in a weird state of denial all of her life and I doubt she is about to change any of that sometime soon…No Kimi never had custody over either of us because it was pretty much proven in court that she was unfit to be a mother…she didn’t even take care of her flesh and blood animals let alone some little dogs. "

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