Susan Marlowe Documented fraud and Animal Abuse – #7

Susan Marlowe doesn’t want you to see this site for obvious reasons.  Hoardingchihuahuas exposes Susan Marlowe’s documented fraud and hands on participation re heinous animal cruelty.  Susan Marlowe has tried, unsuccessfully, to silence anybody and everybody who exposes her.  

We will continue to be the voice for the animals Marlowe allowed to be abused and tortured at her Tehachapi property.

Susan Marlowe continues to call herself an animal lover?  Really?  As long as Susan Marlowe hides behind animal ‘rescues’ – we will continue to expose the side of Marlowe she doesn’t want you to see..

Susan Marlowe harbored a horrific felony convicted animal abuser named Cynthia Gudger aka Anita Gilbert aka Barbara Ryan…here is another news story Marlowe doesn’t want you to see…

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