Permission to cross post. Dear Animal Advocates, You may recall my email a couple of weeks ago entitled "DNA WARNING Peck, Gilbert, Marlowe ALL DNA’S". Within a day or two I received a "cease and desist" from Marlowe’s attorney. This email will focus specifically on Marlowe’s relationship with Anita Gilbert (in Kern County), who is also known as Barbara Ryan (in Riverside County). I will present quotes herein and I have attached the full court documents from which they came. I have also included some very graphic photos. Please scroll all the way down to see them. In October of 2006 a woman named Barbara Ryan was discovered in Riverside keeping animals in conditions that were so disgusting it’s hard to even read about. Animal Control officer Lesley Huennekens wrote the following in her report after the seizure of these animals: "…In some places debris was several feet deep…The stench in the house made me nauseous and burned my eyes, nose and throat…We then entered a bathroom and found a dog tied with a cable inside the bathtub. There was no food or water available to the dog…In another room, we found two Chihuahua mixed dogs, each trapped inside an animal carrier. Both carriers were so full of feces and *censored*roaches that they could not stand up. The dogs appeared to malnourished as I could see the rib and hip bones as well as the entire spine" Susan Marlowe, CPA and President of Dogs At Home Inc (and accountant for Kimi Peck,Chihuahua Rescue aka Dog Angels) petitioned the courts and was granted custody of those animals. Marlowe stated: "We will hold these animals until we are told we can adopt them out and find them good homes." In granting the release of the 14 dog and 21 cats the court states that" the animals not be returned to Barbara Ryan either directly or indirectly." After reviewing the case, Riverside issued an arrest warrant for felony animal cruelty but Gilbert/Ryan disappeared. Fast forward to July 2008. A woman named Anita Gilbert is arrested in Tehachapi for keeping 52 animals in deplorable conditions and 14 more in the freezer while living on a property of Susan Marlowe. This Tehachapi property was purchased by Marlowe within a couple of months of the 2006 "bust" of Gilbert/Ryan’s property in Riverside County. In Brian Pitts’, of the Environmental Health Services Department, written decision regarding the case he cites Animal Control registered veterinary technician Lori Beaver, a vet tech for "thirty-four years" as describing conditions inside the building "as the most horrendous I’ve ever seen". This document is attached in its entirety labeled:Gilbert_Decision_Final_Signed.pdf CLICK BELOW TO SEE ALL PHOTOS FROM KERN COUNTY: or scroll down to see photos They notice while removing animals that there are a lot of Riverside County animal carriers on the property. Riverside County officials went to Kern County and positively identified Gilbert as Ryan. At this time they are also able to confirm that these were many of the SAME animals that were released to Susan Marlowe in 2006. Marlowe then BAILS RYAN aka GILBERT OUT OF JAIL and Gilbert/Ryan evades the law once again. These poor dogs and cats have suffered years of abuse and neglect. It is unconscionable that they were to end up back in the hands of their abuser, Gilbert/Ryan. Judging by the documents this was facilitated by Susan Marlowe. These poor animals were taken out of a deplorable situation only to end up back in a prison of filth, and neglect. The cats were infested with, not fleas, but roaches. A Rottweiler mix was chained up in a kitchen cabinet so tight he could not move and without food or water. Others were burned by their own accumulated urine in their tiny crates having no where else to lay but in their own waste. Many had atrophied hind leg muscles because they were not able to stand in their cages. Reading all of the documents is haunting and nothing short of sickening. I am so saddened by how these poor animals lived. Now they are going to be held as evidence while the noted parties continue to fulfill their desperate need for control by appealing the case, making pleas of abuse by animal control, and filing lawsuits and restraining orders. I believe their purpose is to drag this out as long as possible and make sure it is about their own (perceived) victimization. All the while the animals sit in cages in the shelter, scared and not knowing what the future holds for them. Again, please REMEMBER the following names as DO NOT ADOPT: Susan K. Marlowe, CPA and Chihuahua Rescue Accountant Dog At Home, Inc (Marlowe’s non-profit group) *Anita Gilbert also known as Barbara Ryan, Barbara Green, Cynthia Gudger and stole identity of Elizabeth Neuffer (deceased). *We have learned Anita Gilbert who passed away in 2007 – her identity was stolen by this crazy woman. Kimi Peck, President of Chihuahua Rescue Dog Angels, Peck’s NEW name for her "sanctuary" I will not be silenced from telling the truth on behalf of the animals. Myself and many other former volunteers of Chihuahua Rescue have endured years of threats, bullying and unsubstantiated lawsuits by Peck and Marlowe. Attachments: Photos of Interior of Anita Gilbert’s in Kern County Susan Marlowe’s declaration petitioning the court for custody of Gilbert/Ryan’s animals seized in Riverside County Brian Pitts, of the Environmental Health Services Department, written decision regarding the Gilbert/Ryan case in Kern County Declaration of Riverside County AC officer, Lesley Huennekens, who impounded the animals in the Riverside case in 2006

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