UPDATE: Cynthia Gudger was back in court today doing what she does best….

Yes, she was back in Court today and the Judge continued the case for another 30 days while her psychiatrist continues to evaluate her. Not surprising, Ms. Gudger was cursing at the Judge and everybody else claiming ‘THEY KILLED MY ANIMALS’! Gudger had to be REMOVED from the courtroom. Ms. Gudger was convicted of animal cruelty in 1993, charged in Riverside with severe animal cruelty (she has yet to stand trial in Riverside) and, of course, charged with severe animal cruelty in Tehachapi. Not to leave out while she was staying in Ventura, as a fugitive, a dead cat and many sick cats were found in her small motel room. Also as a fugitive, Gudger kept many animals in her Fillmore apartment that she rented under the name of Elizabeth Neuffer. Neighbors complained of horrific smells coming from her apartment. One neighbor thought she was dead the smell was so bad.

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