Some reporters understand legitimate animal rescue…Kiyoshi Tomono, James Burger…You read and see their pieces on animal rescue organizations in Kern and Bakersfield, and you can tell these two top notch reporters UNDERSTAND. Kimi Peck has a VERY VERY LONG HISTORY OF NEGLECT (unsanitary conditions, NO records, not enough space, operating illegal kennels, etc.)…she’s been legally forced to shut down every single ‘sanctuary’ she’s operated since 1997. Then there are the reporters like Tina Forde from Tehachapi news.

Tehachapi news reporter,Tina Forde, has just written an article that makes Kimi Peck look like a saint. Kimi Peck a saint? That’s what Kimi Peck wants people to believe and obviously, Ms. Forde fell for it. Ms. Forde mentions NOTHING about the fact that Kimi Peck has been operating an illegal kennel since 2005 in Tehachapi. That Ms. Peck has been lying to Kern County officials from Day ONE. Ms. Forde said very little about 23 of the neighbors SERIOUS complaints – it’s very obvious in the letter they sent. Ms. Forde says nothing about Ms. Peck’s history that can be confirmed on Los Angeles’ Court website: Ms. Peck has been legally forced to close ‘sanctuaries’ in 1997, 1999, 2001, TWO in 2002, 2005 and now this. Reputable rescuers, Ms. Forde, are able to stay in one location for YEARS. She mentions nothing about Ms. Peck’s many charges and convictions stemming from her rescuing efforts. She doesn’t even mention that Ms. Peck is on Los Angeles Do Not Adopt List (this, too, can be verified). Ms. Forde says nothing about the fact that Ms. Peck does not have the proper resources to take care of so many animals. Also, people who see Ms. Peck’s animals see them under her condition. Everybody gives her ample notice before an inspection and this gives her time to ‘get ready’. Even news reporters – sometimes they get in – most of the times they don’t. She uses all kinds of excuses not to let them in. When she lets them in, they only see one part of the house. When the one reporter from Bakersfield paper was able to see the whole house, you better believe many animals were ‘missing’. Anyway, Ms. Forde wrote a one sided article and obviously wrote exactly what Kimi Peck wanted her to say. That’s it. We highly recommend that Ms. Forde do her research on animal hoarding, especially considering she’s writing for a paper that is in an area where there are MANY of them. Maybe Ms. Forde believes Ms. Peck’s theory of being a victim of a conspiracy… *MARCH 10, 2009 – UPDATE: Tehachapi News has filed another article re: Peck, this time giving the other side of this story (sort of). Though we were told Ms. Forde misquoted Dr. Steve Benedict. In addition, after reading the article, it appears that Ms. Forde missed other important issues regarding Ms. Peck’s closures in Burbank. In any event, hoardingchihuahuas will continue to follow this story because we care about the animals…

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