A Reputable AWESOME Rescue organization in Tehachapi…CANINE CANYON RANCH

ABC Bakersfield did a great story on a rescue organization in Tehachapi, California, Canine Canyon Ranch. This rescue is run by a top notch rescuer, LESLIE MONIOT. Ms. Moniot does not take in more animals than she can properly care for and its rescuers like Ms. Moniot who hoardingchihuahuas would like to applaud and say THANK YOU. Please read the story and if you can, donate to this awesome rescuer. Website is www.canyoncanyonranch.org. Again…TOP NOTCH RESCUE RUN BY A TOP NOTCH RESCUER!

TEHACHAPI, Calif. — Over the past year, Tehachapi has made headlines with animal hoarders, but one woman is showing that you can save hundreds of pets without taking it to an extreme. Leslie Moniot is one woman living just outside of town in Tehachapi, where she decided to let her sprawling acreage go to the dogs. Moniot of the Canine Canyon Ranch, said, “The dogs live in the house with us. And learn to use the doggie door, they’re social, they sleep quietly in the living room at night, they all eat together, they’re not food aggressive, and it enables me to find homes for them a lot faster.” Moniot has been running Canine Canyon Ranch for six years, and in 2008, she rescued and found loving homes for 115 dogs. But her secret to success is that she only has 8 to 10 dogs at a time; when one dog finds a new home, she’s able to rescue another. Moniot wishes she could save all the abandoned dogs, but she knows if she tried to save them all, she won’t be saving any. And so everyday she has to make the hard decision of which strays and surrenders she can save. Moniot said, “I don’t take pit bulls. Not because they’re not wonderful dogs, but because I can’t place them. And if I have one pit bull for eight months, I could have placed thirty other dogs. So, that’s a hard decision I have to make almost everyday. Moniot also only rescues big dogs, but right now she also has 8 little ones. Moniot said she’s picky when it comes to finding homes for her pets because she wants to make sure they are there forever, instead of repeating the cycle. If you would like more information on the rescue, you can visit www.caninecanyonranch.org. Copyright 2009 by TurnTo23.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast

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