Just like in Los Angeles, Agua Dolce, Burbank…Kimi Peck has been ordered to shut down yet another ‘Sanctuary’. Wonder how long it will take for her next ‘sanctuary’ to be legally forced to close???? Anyway, JAMES BURGER with the Bakersfield Californian wrote an article and just like every other article Mr. Burger has written on ‘rescuer’ Kimi Peck, here it is on our website.

Dog rescuer ordered to move animals BY JAMES BURGER, Californian staff writer | Tuesday, Apr 21 2009 04:18 PM Last Updated Tuesday, Apr 21 2009 Tehachapi dog rescuer Kimi Peck must move 200 dogs out of her home on Water Canyon Road by 5 p.m. June 23 or the county of Kern will seize her animals. Supervisors have ruled Peck is in violation of zoning law and fined her at a previous hearing. She promised to leave or apply for a conditional use permit. But by Tuesday’s hearing she hadn’t. Neighbors spoke out against Peck at the hearing, saying she doesn’t intend to leave and playing audio files of barking dogs. Peck’s lawyer, Matthew Hess, said Peck will leave. "If she is not wanted in the community, and is not able to work it out informally with her neighbors or this board, then she will leave," he said. But he fired a threat at the board if it imposed any further penalties against his client or seized any animals. "I will take every step I can take to make sure that not one hair on the head of those animals are harmed," Hess said. "She will be out by June 23rd, unconditionally." County Engineering and Survey Services Director Chuck Lackey fired back. The board, he said, could take that promise at face value and then seize the dogs "by force" if Peck does not move out by her attorney’s timeline. Supervisor Don Maben jumped on that idea, making a motion to seize the dogs if they are not gone by 5 p.m. June 23. The motion passed unanimously.

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