Supervisor Ray Watson Gets It…he obviously loves animals

During a March 2009 Board Meeting wherein one of the topics was (drum roll) Kimi Peck’s illegal operation, Supervisor Watson could obviously see the reality of Ms. Peck’s illegal sanctuary and the way her animals were living. It was obvious that Ray Watson felt the same way many other people do about Kimi Peck…Here is what he said during this meeting:

Supervisor Watson: Well, first I think it’s it’s safe to many people want to take care of and rescue animals; however, I also believe that people have the right to enjoy their property in peace. And, I’m concerned about the issue of the Conditional Use Permit. Ah, to issue one is not solving the problems of the neighbors who cannot enjoy their properties. I think that if there is going to be a Conditional use permit it ought to be in a place where it is appropriate to have these animals. I think the facilities should be appropriate and by looking at all of the pictures that I have seen here, I think the conditions some of the animals are kept are inhumane. They may be, I’m not sure, how clean they are, or not, but the way these animals are being kept, I think is not something we ought to be licensing. I’m concerned about the motion in that we are talking about imposing fines and perhaps there is a source of revenue from a non-profit that allows these fines to be paid and allow the operation to continue as it is. I don’t think that should be allowed to happen. My question is, is there another remedy, an injunction of some kind that forces a change so that the neighbors can enjoy their properties? If Ms. Peck wants to continue doing what she is doing, she needs to do it in a place that is appropriate and under the right conditions, and I don’t think this is the right place or under the right conditions…

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