Charlotte Spadaro Continues to Dupe the Courts

She appears to spend the majority of her time defending herself against accusations stemming from animal cruelty and hoarding. She’ll spend as much time needed finding glitches in the cases against her. She wins a majority of the cases because of some crazy glitch. Question is, when will Ms. Spadaro stop allegedly hoarding poor animals? Answer…not anytime soon, UNFORTUNATELY…

Ex Beverly Hills mayor not guilty in dog case 10:59 PM PDT on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 By ALICIA ROBINSON The Press-Enterprise Self-described animal rescuer Charlotte Spadaro has been found not guilty of charges that she kept a large number of unlicensed dogs at a Riverside kennel, closing a case that stemmed from a February 2009 inspection of the kennel. Riverside County Superior Court Judge Michele D. Levine ruled last week that Spadaro, a former Beverly Hills mayor, was not guilty on six counts, according to court records. Each count represented citations for five unlicensed dogs. No dogs were seized in the 2009 inspection by the city and Riverside County animal services officials, and the animals were not found sick or hungry, though officials said conditions at the Jasmine Street kennel were unsanitary. The city contracts with the county for animal shelter and field services. Riverside initially pursued charges that more than 240 dogs at the kennel were unlicensed and had no proof of vaccination, but an attorney for the city opted during a one-day trial in August to reduce the number of counts to save the court’s time. City Attorney Greg Priamos said Wednesday that the city proved the dogs didn’t have the required licenses — which Spadaro also admitted in court — and that the dogs were "owned, cared for and controlled" by Spadaro, which was in dispute at trial. She told the judge only a small number of the dogs belonged to her, and the others had been rescued or placed at the kennel by their owners. The problem with the city’s case, Priamos said, was that its attorney only learned during the trial that a Riverside County Animal Services official had told Spadaro she wouldn’t be cited over licenses while she was in the process of applying for a kennel permit. That permit request was ultimately denied. Priamos said the judge "was concerned that Spadaro had not been given notice that the kennel application had been denied prior to the time she was cited." Spadaro said Wednesday that she plans to file a suit alleging malicious prosecution by the city and county. "There was really no reason to use taxpayers’ money for that lawsuit that had no merit at all," she said. Reach Alicia Robinson at 951-368-9461 or

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