Kern County Says NO To Susan Marlowe’s CUP

Susan Marlowe cannot operate a kennel in Kern County. Her application for a CUP was denied by 4 out of the 5 Board of Supervisors. Justice for the ANIMALS and the people of Kern County! FINALLY

Supervisors deny permit for kennel Californian staff writer | Tuesday, Nov 09 2010 04:59 PM Last Updated Tuesday, Nov 09 2010 04:59 PM By JAMES BURGER Kern County supervisors on Tuesday killed a proposed kennel permit for notorious property on Bear Mountain Road that once harbored controversial animal rescuer Kimi Peck and, before her, convicted animal abuser Cynthia Gudger. Both women had housed animals on the property in violation of county land use laws. Property owner Susan Marlowe finally requested county approval to house a kennel on the property. Kern County planning commissioners approved the request for a one-year period, to give the county a chance to see if Marlowe operates appropriately. And one supervisor wanted to give her the chance. But neighbors and Tehachapi community leaders appealed the approval to the Board of Supervisors. And the four other supervisors sided with them. "We have a great concern about what has happened here in the past," said Janice Hagen Armstrong. "We do not think this woman will change. "We urge you to look beyond the planning thing." The "planning thing," said Kern County Planning Director Lorelei Oviatt, is a restriction on the facts supervisors can use to justify denying the project. County lawyer Bruce Divelbiss said the county must only look at land use issues, not the applicant’s character or history, in judging whether a permit is appropriate. But Bea Saldana of Stallion Springs said the conditional use permit should be denied on the history of the project alone. "We are here to protect the animals," she said. Marlowe promised supervisors she would follow the rules if they allowed her to set up the kennel. "I just hope that all the other speakers, who have spoken so highly of me, will continue to volunteer their time at the local animal shelter," he said. Supervisor Don Maben said he was willing to give Marlowe a shot at success and made a motion to deny the appeal and grant her the permit for 36 months. "Ms. Marlowe has certainly taken her time applying for this conditional use permit," Maben said. "But I believe everybody deserves at least one chance to straighten up and fly right." None of the other four supervisors supported Maben’s motion and it died. Supervisor Jon McQuiston then made a motion to uphold the appeal and deny the permit. That motion was approved 4-1 with Maben opposed.

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