A jury just found Charlotte Spadaro, former Mayor of Beverly Hills and self-proclaimed animal ‘rescuer’, guilty of animal cruelty. For years, many have accused Ms. Spadaro of being an animal hoarder of the WORST kind. She has allowed HUNDREDS of animals to live in horrific conditions. Animal Control officers have found dead animals in her freezer. She’s been accused of breeding cats and dogs. She’s associated herself with other animal abusers including Cynthia Gudger. She’s been charged in a number of counties with animal cruelty and has figured out ways to fight the system to her advantage. Of course, Ms. Spadaro does what all other hoarders do. She moves from county to county to county each time she’s charged with animal neglect. Finally, she lost a court case and the animals have won. Let’s hope the punishment fits the crime. Let’s hope she is stopped FOREVER. Ms. Spadaro should be banned from ever owning an animal again.

We have learned, not surprising, that Ms. Spadaro plans on appealing the conviction. Like many other animal hoarders, Ms. Spadaro feels that SHE is the victim and a conspiracy target.

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