Kimi Peck and Delta Burke?

We have to feel bad for the innocent people who Kimi Peck is now dragging into her animal hoarding lifestyle. She dug up another 10-year-old picture she found when Delta Burke was helping her promote Chihuahua Rescue before Peck was given official title of ‘ANIMAL HOARDER’. Does Delta Burke know Kimi Peck’s criminal history including the fact she was ARRESTED in 2010! Display In-Custody Inmate KIMI PECK For more information about this inmate, contact the arresting agency (per Gov’t Code 6254). Inmate Name: PECK, KIMI Inmate Number: SO1884829 Date of Birth: 12/28/1949 ID Process complete? NO Inmate Location: Central Receiving Facility Facility and Visiting Information Arrest Date/Time: 01/29/10 07:31 PM Total Bail Amount: $40,000.00 Anticipated Release Date: ** PENDING ** WARNING: Release date may be subject to change without notice Next Hearing Date/Time: 02/02/10 09:00 AM Next Hearing Location: East Division – Mojave – Div/Dept IC

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