Former Burbank Animal Control Director, Lt. Bruce Speirs ‘KIMI PECK IS GUILTY!’ and is ‘SHUT DOWN IN BURBANK’

Here are two e-mails written by former animal control head, Lt. Speirs, back in 2005, in regards to Kimi Peck’s closure. As you can see, her closure was due to her own negligence. We removed the e-mail addresses because the people fear retribution by animal hoarder Kimi Peck. Lt. Speirs admitted animal hoarder Kimi Peck was not only negligent – she also had over 350 animals when they raided her facility. KIMI PECK IS NOT AND HAS NOT BEEN IN BURBANK SINCE 2005!

> From: > To: > Subject: RE: KIMI PECK > Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 15:46:26 -0700 > > > > Thank you for contact me. Let me clarify some issues and questions you may > have regarding the April and May 2005 Burbank Police Animal Shelter > enforcement action involving Chihuahua Rescue and Celebrity Doggie Daycare > and Spa. > > The Animal Shelter had received information in the spring of 2005 of > allegations of dogs being mistreated and neglected. The reports that came to > us were anonymous in nature and some of it second hand. While receiving > information in any manner is welcomed and important, you must appreciate the > fact that anonymous information limits us by proving difficult clarify or > obtain further specifics. > > Regardless, an inspection on April 19 was conducted and a citation was > issued for a sanitation violation. On May 9 a guinea pig was discovered with > no water – and again a citation was issued. On May 10 a major inspection > effort was conducted and 10 addition violations were charged. It should be > noted that all of the charges were based on the direct observations of the > officers conducting the inspection that day. None of the violations and > resulting charges were based on any other sources of information – either > anonymous, prior statements to the police by any persons, or written > correspondence. > > As is public record Kimi Peck plead "no contest" on May 19 and offered to > shut down her operation. As part of the court agreement she has until > October 26 to do so while incrementally reducing the number of animals she > has on the facility in the interim period. > > Thank you for contacting the Burbank Animal Shelter. I hope this information > assists you. From: Speirs, Bruce [] Sent: Friday, July 22, 2005 8:24 AM To: Subject: RE: Kimi Peck Thank you for writing me. Permit me to provide you the facts as they pertain to your questions: 1. The Burbank Animal Shelter submitted 11 criminal violations for filing consideration in May of 2005 – three months ago. A plea agreement (which we are not part of) was reached and she plead out, agreed to cease her operations, and reduce the numbers of animals she had until they were all gone. She was held accountable in a court of law. 2. We can not deny her right to own an animal and I don’t think any court in the land can take that right away from her. 3. Yes I am aware that Ms. Peck was not in court as I was there. Ms. Peck was represented by her attorney which is her constitutional right. 4. She is down to 98 animals from the high of 350 that she had on the facility in May. They were adopted out or given to other rescues. 5. The Burbank Animal Shelter is the agency that took the action – we care. 6. I estimate that within 3 weeks she will be totally out of business and all the animals gone.

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