Dave Vago aka Cole Storribro

Here is a recent photo of Dave Vago of Simi Valley, California, we found on the internet.  Dave Vago hid behind a FB page he created and called ‘Cole Storribro’ from 2011-2019.  The photo Vago used for his ‘Cole Storribro’ profile was a mugshot of a convicted felon he obtained from the internet.  He used this Cole Storribro FB page to harass, bully and intimidate former Chihuahua Rescue volunteers who turned his BFF, Kimi Peck, into authorities for animal related abuse, neglect and hoarding.  As we stated, Dave Vago also used the ‘Cole Storribro’ profile to friend young peeps, mainly teenage-age girls, according to  ‘Cole Storribro’ ‘friends’ list.  We are not sure how Vago would feel or if he would even care, if his own teenage daughter was FB friends with a middle-aged man hiding behind a convicted felon profile picture.  

We attached a current picture of Dave Vago and also the mugshot he stole and used to bully people on the internet.  

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