Kimi Peck, the mother

Kimi Peck gave her first born baby away to the father of the baby’s parents. Her first born son, Cameron, was raised by his grandparents. Though Kimi Peck had every opportunity to raise Cameron she declined to do so. Kimi was only 19 when she had Cameron. Cameron is now 38 and has very little contact with Kimi. Cameron has a new baby, making Kimi Peck a grandmother. Hoardingchihuahuas received an e-mail stating that Kimi Peck didn’t even know she was a grandmother. What a shame that Ms. Peck has an opportunity at this point in her life to reach out and do the right thing. Kimi Peck’s youngest son was also raised by his father and his stepmother. We won’t go into details of how Ms. Peck was described to us. We do ask how a person who claims to be a saint can have little or no contact with her own children and grandchilden. Here’s a quote from a person who knows Kimi Peck: "Kimi Peck couldn’t even take care of her own flesh and blood how can she take care of so many dogs"

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