Kimi Peck does NOT have a permit to operate a kennel; however, Chihuahua Rescue donation monies continue to pay Kimi Peck’s bill

According to Chihuahua Rescue’s 2008 tax return, filed in October of ’09 by ‘volunteer’ accountant, Susan Marlowe, even though Kimi Peck refused to apply for a permit to operate a kennel and even though she claimed she was no longer a rescue, again, Chihuahua Rescue’s tax returns tell a much different story…Looks like Chihuahua Rescue continues to pay Kimi Peck’s bills and expenses in Tehachapi, where Ms. Peck is residing…Not bad for breaking the law! Looks like Chihuahua Rescue needs to be audited!

In 2008 Chihuahua Rescue made 107,502. Breakdown what this money was supposedly used for, according to ‘trusty’ and ‘volunteer’ accountant, Susan Marlowe: Occupency – 11,008.00 Auto – 5,366.00 Cable/Internet – 1,184.00 Dog Food – 3,674.00 Dog Licenses – 2,212.00 Equipment Rental – 1,155.00 Maintenance Supplies – 6,778 Office Expenses – 793.00 Outside Labor – 51,023.00 Repairs – 2,811.00 Supplies – 14,997.00 Telephone – 1,831.00 Tools – 550.00 Veterinary Fees – 2,298.00 ***Kimi Peck has hundreds of animals, many she claims are special needs, she only spent 2298.00 in vet services. She claims she only uses the best and most expensive dog food though she only spent $3,674.00 on food for over 200 dogs. Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, a very reputable rescue organization that does not warehouse their animals in illegal kennels and does not have nearly as many animals to care for as Kimi does, spent close to 100,000.00 in vet bills. Notice how Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe are claiming close to $15,000.00 in ‘Supplies’? And, if they don’t have a ‘sanctuary’, what’s the $11,000 in occupency for? If you donate to this ‘rescue’, ask Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe if you can see their books. Also ask them what workers they are paying 51,000.00? Also ask why the majority of the donation money did not go to the animals…We’re guessing that the chances of you seeing their books would be the same chances of you getting into Peck’s Tehachapi ‘Sanctuary’ without prior notification and the chances are slim to NONE.

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