Why We Continue Exposing Susan Marlowe

We attached the Riverside County Veterinarians report and the on scene animal control officers report regarding Cynthia Gudger’s animals (the ones they examined after Gudger’s house was raided in Hemit in 2006). This is the same report Susan Marlowe read and this report did not stop Susan Marlowe from not only giving these same animals back to Cynthia Gudger and allowing fugitive Cynthia Gudger to live on Susan Marlowe’s property with these animals, this report also did not stop Susan Marlowe from starting up a non-profit animal welfare rescue organization for Cynthia Gudger. Susan Marlowe should be investigated for horrific animal cruelty. WE SAY: BEWARE OF SELF PROCLAIMED BEVERLY HILLS ANIMAL ‘RESCUER’, SUSAN MARLOWE, CPA…please read the official report:

Inside [Cynthia Gudger’s] Hemit (Riverside) house, according to Riverside County Chief Veterinarian, Allan Drusys, were many animals, including dead animals in a freezer. The animals that he and another Veterinarian examined were fifteen (15) dogs and 23 cats. All of the cats were covered in caked-on fecal material and soaked in urine. The odor, he claimed, was overwhelming. The cats were also infested with *censored*roaches and appeared to be stressed. Every cat was underweight to some extent with two described as emaciated. All cats had mild to moderate serous nasal discharge which was consistent with upper respiratory infection and chronic respiratory irritation requiring medication. The dogs were also thoroughly examined. All of the dogs were underweight and had long toenails from inactivity, confinement and lack of care. The dogs were malodorous and unkept. Cynthia Gudger, who was using the alias at that time of Barbara Ryan, told the Dr. Drusys that a few of the animals were being treated by her own Veterinarians; however, the names of the vets she gave had no idea who she was and said they were NOT treating the animals. Two of the cats had to be humanely euthanized because they suffered from chronic kidney failure. Animal Control officer Lesley Huennekens, stated in a sworn statement when she entered [Cynthia Gudger’s] house, she was overcome by the stench of urine and feces and actually, it made her nauseous and burned her eyes, nose and throat. The living room was full of feces and urine. She stated that she could see feces and roaches on the walls. In the kitchen there was a Rottweiller mix tied so tightly inside the cabinet, the dog could not move. There was no food and water visible. Also in the kitchen, she and another officer heard barking from behind a door secured by numerous bungee cords and some kind of metal cage material. The officers discovered two dogs cowering in the corner of what appeared to be a pantry. The two dogs were covered in urine and feces. There was so much urine and feces that the drywall inside of the pantry was disintegrating and caused urine burns on the pads of the dogs feet. These dogs had no water, food or light. In another room, the officers found two dogs fighting over a dead cat. The urine, feces and decaying flesh stench was overwhelming. The drapes in the room were soaked and stained with urine. The closet door was off its hinges and appeared to be soaked in urine. The closet floor was also covered in feces and urine. In addition to the dead cat, there were also at least 10 cats running loose in the room. In the bathroom they found a dog tied with a cable inside the bathtub. There was no food or water available to the dog. She had to use bolt cutters to free the dog from the wall. There was so much urine, feces and trash in the bathroom she was slipping on the floor while removing the dog. In another room they found two Chihuahua mixed dogs each trapped inside an animal carrier. Both carriers were so full of feces and roaches that the dogs could not stand up. The dogs appeared malnourished as she could see the rib and hip bones as well as the entire spine. The cats were thin, with spine and hip bones showing. Their coats were dull and dirty. There was discharge coming from their eyes and noses. Some of the cats had missing eyes and other had missing teeth. In another bathroom they found 12 cats trapped inside. Again, the floors and walls were covered in feces and urine and there was no food or water available.

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