Is CONVICTED Animal Abuser Cindy Bemis still ‘rescuing’?

Looks like animal hoarder and convicted animal abuser, Cindy Bemis, is still active in the animal rescue community, even though she is on probation for 5 years and not supposed to have contact with animals. It appears as if her ‘rescue’ organization,, is advertising puppies for sale in the San Diego area. On the website it states that rescue is based in Los Angeles County and Kern County. The corporation is listed under Bemis’ name!!!!! Please click below to see the actual ad that is on the website and other info that links Cindy Bemis to

Web Info: Info about, Inc. – a no-kill, non-profit animal rescue View my puppies Map Location: Breeder Location (San Diego CA) Rescue Puppies for sale in San Diego CA A Los Angeles County and Kern County, California based animal rescue. We have dogs rescued from shelters, dogs relinquished by owners, dogs that require medical attention, puppies dropped on our door step… [ Review this Breeder ] [ Breeder Location ( San Diego CA) TAX EXEMPT INFO RE: OURFRIENDS4EVER.COM: Here is the tax exempt info: OURFRIENDS4EVER COM INC 1637 E TROTTER AVE MOJAVE, CA 93501-7057 In Care Of Name (the officer, director, etc. to whose attention any correspondence should be directed) CYNTHIA BEMIS

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