Another Warrant Issued For Charlotte Spadaro’s Arrest

Not surprising that Charlotte Spadaro did not show up for her own court hearing and she used the same exact excuses as her fellow animal hoarders(Kimi Peck, Cynthia Gudger, Cindy Bemis, Kimberly Maggio et al). The reason she was not able to show up for her own court hearing is because (drum roll) she was in the hospital. She also claims that Animal Control officers told her she did not need to obtain a kennel license. In other words, according to Ms. Spadaro, she does not have to obey the laws like the rest of us. Kimi Peck claimed the same thing. So did Kim Maggio. So did Charlotte Spadaro. So did Cynthia Gudger (and all of Ms. Gudger’s aka’s)…No word yet if Susan Marlowe is harboring Charlotte Spadaro. Click below to read the latest newspaper story:

Arrest warrant issued for animal activist 10:00 PM PDT on Friday, May 21, 2010 By ALICIA ROBINSON The Press-Enterprise A judge on Friday issued an arrest warrant for animal activist Charlotte Spadaro after she failed to appear for her trial on charges that she kept 242 dogs at a Riverside kennel without licenses or proof of vaccination. Richard McDonald, who identified himself as a friend of Spadaro, told a bailiff that she was in a hospital. The case involves a kennel from which Spadaro and her dogs were evicted last year. Judge Michele D. Levine said Friday that the trial already has been postponed several times at Spadaro’s request, and since she is acting as her own attorney the court can’t proceed without her. Levine set bail at $10,000 and said the warrant will take effect if Spadaro doesn’t attend a hearing on Wednesday. Spadaro, a former Beverly Hills mayor, has said she rescues animals that would be killed at other shelters. She has maintained that the Riverside dogs were vaccinated and that officials told her not to worry about licensing. Spadaro faces civil and criminal cases involving animals in San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.

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