Animal ‘Rescuer’, Kimi Peck, files yet another lawsuit. This time it is against one of her Tehachapi neighbors who has complained about Ms. Peck’s illegal ‘sanctuary’ she was operating from her Tehachapi home. This illegal operation has since been forced to close because of Kimi Peck’s own negligence; however, according to Ms. Peck, this is just the latest incident that is connected to the conspiracy brought on by her ‘volunteer’ accountant, Susan Marlowe aka Susan Bolinger’s, ex-husband. This neighbor complained that Ms. Peck was stalking him and harassing him because of the complaints he filed against her illegal operation (typical Kimi Peck behavior). There’s MORE, click to read:

Yes, not surprising that Kimi Peck claims this neighbor is a ‘plant’ who is part of the conspiracy to ‘get’ Kimi Peck and her ‘volunteer’ accountant, Susan Marlowe aka Susan Bolinger. Take into consideration that this neighbor is a hardworking guy who purchased the Tehachapi property to escape the Los Angeles craziness. The Tehachapi property he purchased is a vacation/weekend home that is located right above Kimi Peck’s illegal operation consisting of over 200 dogs that barked all day and night (many, according to neighbors, barking in distress). Also take into consideration this neighbor has never had problems with anybody. Though it appears Ms. Peck never served this neighbor with the lawsuit, the fact she actually filed this lawsuit just proves that Ms. Peck has not stopped her bullying tactics. To date, Ms. Peck has filed lawsuits and/or sent threatening legal letters to over 20 people who have complained about Ms. Peck’s illegal operation and/or neglect/abuse they saw her inflict on her hundreds of rescues. Please NOTE that every single lawsuit Ms. Peck has filed against people have been DISMISSED. ***One more piece of information – Kimi Peck asked Kern County courts to waive the filing fees for this latest frivilous lawsuit so Kimi Peck did not have to pay to file the frivilous lawsuit, hardworking Kern County taxpayers did. To date, here are a few of the people/departments who Ms. Peck claims are part of the conspiracy to ‘get’ her and Susan Marlowe (take note that this so called conspiracy has been going on since 1997) : Former Burbank City Attorney Greg Caplan, Burbank Animal Control (the whole department), former Burbank volunteers (about 15 all together), former Los Angeles landlords, former Burbank/Los Angeles neighbors, Kern County officials including Supervisor Don Maben, Kern County Code Compliance department, Kern County A/C officer Julie Sugg, former Water Canyon Tehachapi neighbors… WILL YOU BE NEXT? IF KIMI PECK MOVES INTO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND YOU COMPLAIN…BEWARE!!!!!

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