HOARDERS HAVEN, KERN COUNTY, granted self proclaimed animal ‘rescuers’ Kimi Peck and her ‘volunteer’ accountant, Susan Marlowe, CPA (who will hopefully be charged with FRAUD), another extension to comply with the Laws they have been breaking. To date, Kern County has given Kimi Peck five (5) -that’s right FIVE -years to comply with the laws she’s been breaking. The punishment for breaking the laws in Kern County? Ummmm….

Well, Kern County tax payers have to deal with the punishment because Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe continue to attend the Board Of Supervisors meetings spewing lies, pushing fear and threatening lawsuits to further their agenda… What is their agenda? Continue to operate illegal kennels, collect donations from unsuspecting donors, threaten anybody who exposes them, and well, allow hundreds of animals to live in their definition of a ‘sanctuary’. Kimi Peck does NOT have the proper resources to care for a few animals let alone hundreds… Kern County – As we continue to state OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN… WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CRAP LIVING IN YOUR COMMUNITY! STOP ALLOWING HOARDERS TO BREAK LAWS BECAUSE THE TAXPAYERS HAVE TO FOOT THE BILL NOT THE HOARDERS!

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