Just how EASY is it to start up a non-profit 501c3 charity?

So easy that anybody can start up a non-profit – even people that don’t exist. Just ask Susan Marlowe, CPA…she LOVES to start up non-profit 501c3 rescue organizations for her ‘rescue’ clients…Ms. Marlowe appears to even encourage her fugitive clients to use aliases when filling out the paperwork ‘just in case’… Check out the ‘Susan Marlowe’ Gallery Section and notice the paperwork that Susan Marlowe filed with the Attorney General’s Office and the Francise Tax Board to start up MOMMIE CATS LITTLE ONES for Cynthia Gudger’s aliases while Cynthia Gudger was a fugitive. Yes, the SAME Cynthia Gudger who was found GUILTY of animal cruelty in Kern County and will most likely plead Guilty to animal cruelty in Riverside County after she is released from Federal Prison for stealing identities and social security. The Attorney General’s Office and the Francise Tax Board do NOT verify the validity of documents filed and we’re guessing Beverly Hills CPA, Susan Marlowe, knew this! In other words – ANY PERSON (alive, dead, non-existent – not to leave out fugitives and criminals) can take advantage of non-profit status by filling out a few forms!)

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