70 dogs from Peck’s former ‘rescue’ operation in Kern County are still undergoing treatment

The Humane Society rescued Kimi Peck’s animals on July 8, 2010. Total, approximately 200 animals were rescued from Peck’s ‘sanctuary’. Today is July 26, 2010, and there are still 70 of Peck’s former dogs not ready for adoption because they are still receiving treatment but hopefully soon they will be ready for you to love them and show them a life they so deserve. Please view the pictures in the following link. There are many wonderful animals in shelters EVERYWHERE that need a loving home. If you live in the Sacramento area, please please please consider adopting one of the dogs and/or cats/ and/or rabbits and/or chickens that came from Kern County. There is nothing more than these animals deserve (actually all animals deserve) than to have a loving family to call their own. Thank you for adopting!


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