Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe – Are they still duping Kern County officials? SURE LOOKS THAT WAY!!!!!

Was 60 year old Kimi Peck personally affected by the latest tragedy, the Tehachapi fires???? Or, are Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe trying to pull a fast one on Kern County taxpayers? Will Kern County officials continue to allow Kimi Peck to operate an illegal kennel? Kimi Peck, always the victim or always the the opportunist? We’ll go with the latter!

Fire drives controversial animal rescuer back to former home BY JAMES BURGER, Californian staff writer | Friday, Jul 30 2010 02:25 PM Last Updated Friday, Jul 30 2010 02:25 PM The Old West Fire has burned a new wrinkle into the ongoing drama surrounding controversial animal rescuer Kimi Peck. Susan Marlowe, the Hollywood CPA who evicted Peck from a home on Bear Valley Road earlier this month, told Kern County Engineering, Survey and Permit Services Director Chuck Lackey that Peck had moved into the remote, rural enclave of Old West Ranch after the eviction and was living there with more than 30 dogs until this week’s fire destroyed the home where she was living. In a scene heavily covered by local media, Peck surrendered 144 of the more than 200 dogs she had been sheltering on Bear Valley Road to the Humane Society of the United States on July 8, along with cats, rabbits and a number of other animals. She kept somewhere between 30 and 50 of the animals for herself. Now Peck and her animals are back on Marlowe’s property on Bear Valley Road. Kern County Animal Control Director Guy Shaw said Thursday that he visited the west Tehachapi home Wednesday for the first time since Peck was evicted. Marlowe, he said, had told him he was welcome to connect with her property manager and visit the home, which she told Shaw was vacant. So Shaw was surprised, when he arrived, to see vehicles on the property and hear dogs barking from the warehouse and house on the property. Shaw and an animal control officer began looking around the property, checking on the welfare of the animals when he got another surprise. "I see Kimi Peck walking toward me in the front yard," he said. Shaw said he checked on the welfare of the 32 dogs he found on the property and they were safe, fed and had access to water. Lackey said Peck’s animals are still in violation of county land use laws, but Marlowe has petitioned the county to issue a conditional use permit that would provide an exemption to those rules for her property. Marlowe’s petition goes to the Kern County Planning Commission for review on Aug. 12, Lackey said. Lackey said Marlowe asked him to allow Peck to stay on the property for a short time, given the tragedy that occurred in Old West Ranch.

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